The U.S Dollar Is Everything – But Nothing At All

If you still don’t have currencies on your radar ( insert four letter words , cuss , spit , tantrum , psychotic episode, violent outrage ) well…… and I can only go so far. Every time a U.S stock is bought or sold “on this entire f$&king planet” –  somehow / somewhere it likely involves currency exchange. What? You think you ‘Mericans are the only people buying your own crap? No wait…China’s crap. Sold back to you at 1000% mark up from your most trusted and beloved “American brands”.

Consider this.

The daily dollar volume of the entire planets stocks markets “combined” is around 84 billion dollars a day. That’s pretty impressive right?

Get ready numb nuts. ( a shout out to my alien followers currently residing in Antarctica ) Get it? “numb nuts”? Ya we talk…..we trade secrets/ compare notes etc…Different planets of origin –  same day to day shit.

The daily dollar volume of the entire planets FX market? 4 Trillion baby. 4 Trillion pieces of paper / bullshit / currency trading hands every single day so you can keep sippin yer Pepsi and scarfing those Dorritos.

The boats stay afloat….the rubber duckies keep showing up, and the wheels of the global economy keep on turning. All of it “currency driven”.

As the world’s “reserve currency” The U.S has had a strangle hold on world trade for like…eons. You get it right? If you want to buy oil…(tankers full of oil dip shit…not oil for your grandma’s lawn mower) Must convert rupee to dollars. You wanna buy copper? Must convert Canadian Loonies for U.S Dollars.

It’s bullshit. It’s ridiculous and it’s over. The planet has been moving away from exchange of USD for years now….China leading the charge.

Every stock market on the planet fits in the palm of my hand, but I need to “use my back” when I’m moving currencies.

Get a chart of $USD on your watch list boys. It’ll save you surfing through a million others trying to figure out WTF is goin on.

More “global perspective” for you . Imagine how stupid this looks to those of us from other worlds.

this is how it looks in the literal sense

Paper slaves…..more on this coming.

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  1. tas March 10, 2017 / 7:01 pm

    Hey Kong…
    Will this printing of money every end?
    AS long as central banks keep doing this, we are prolonging the inevitable…… a crash again, but on the largest scale we have ever seen….
    I see the debt here in Australia through our government spending and it does worry me, as our debt to china is getting larger and larger, but no plan in site just short sighted thinking on Governments part.
    Our reserve bank said long term it looks great here, what a load of shit.
    High under employment, which they don’t like to report.
    High level of unleased retail/office spaces and more coming up, which means no spending or retail confidence.
    I see alot of small business hitting the wall, but they feed the bullshit to us.
    I do think and it is scary to say, a big problem coming here and everyone has their head in the sand believing the shit we are told.

    Same with the printing of money, like borrowing to keep a business afloat, if you can’t get some real cash flow coming in, borrowed money will always bit you.

  2. Tom kauser March 16, 2017 / 5:43 pm

    I can look at real examples of markets starving for another trillion , as the fed begins to take more resources to pay its masters a higher “risk free return” out of the money markets?
    The fed is accomplishing what Soros tried to do a decade a go …..squirrel!

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