Nuclear War Imminent – You Live In A Bubble

Let’s put this in perspective first.

You live in a tiny “tiny” bubble. You see the world through the broken lens of your local media, and can’t imagine a world where “fake news” actually exists. Wait… actually believe the news on your local news channel?

Aside from the human interest stories ( often highlighting people with their dogs…or more often than not – people “crying the blues” about how hard they have it ) your local news serves only as a simple extension of the “administration” and the message you are “required to view” – short of actually developing opinions/ideas of your own.

Television shepherds to living room sheep.

Face it. You have absolutely no clue what is going on, short of tuning in each night with your Cheetos and Budweiser in hand…having the local “news gal” spew crap ’til you finally switch to the game.


The world is moving much faster than you can imagine. Currencies tell all –  T.V’s suck.

Trade wise…..hmmm…….an interesting junction although in all – really not that interesting.

Commodities “in general” are up against a bit of resistance here so – I could suggest a few things.


Commodities At Resistance

                                                                      Commodities At Resistance

  • Take profits in Gold as it’s been a hoot ( not to say the long term play is 100% totally still in play ).
  • Take stock of the current geo political situation and ask yourself..truly… this really the time to go “all in” on the long side? Don’t be a dumb ass.

The powers that be aren’t quite ready to switch the algo’s from “buy to sell” in a macro sense, but in all honesty….even a run towards the highs doesn’t really amount to much.

Sometimes “no trade” is the best trade…and I’m not suggesting anyone get’s all giddy bout stocks but….we’ve got war! We’ve got war now so…..what does any American President do when his ratings slip past the red line??

You betcha…..time to really the troops! Time to get that ‘Merican blood pumping! We’re going to war! Let’s just start a war!

So obvious….so “cliche”.

I’m in cash….and will stay that way for at least a day er two. You know where I’ll be should anything “significant” actually come to play.






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  1. Dave H. April 17, 2017 / 2:04 am

    You know Kong for some reason I stop in here to read your comments as they post to my e-mail and find your trades to be pretty good. However that said your arrogance has really begun to wear over time. I have had a really successful career trading for almost thirty years and find your emphatic belittling of all that are not you not dissimilar from the kid on the playground that continuously has to remind everyone of how strong or brilliant he is. My dad told me years ago let someone else sing your praise and it will carry much more weight. I get the whole Kong thing but gorillas in the wild are majestic and peaceful unless required to defend what is theirs. I like your trades but would like to see them served up with a dose of seasoned wisdom and strength. Your trading knowledge would probably find a much wider audience in that environment. Don’t mean to belittle or denigrate I just believe you have good knowledge that would be better absorbed with a different delivery.

    • Forex Kong April 17, 2017 / 2:37 am

      I hear you Dave and thank you for that. I agree 100% and this is certainly not the first ( nor the last ) time I’ll hear that!

      Unfortunately….It’s a tough knock for viewers as I have a much larger agenda.

      I want to challenge people. I want you to feel “uncomfortable”. I want to push you to a point where you get pissed off as….is it really me you’re pissed with? Or essentially yourself?

      Obviously I’ve struck a chord…and that’s a good thing right? I’m not just a simple “purveyor of information”! I want more from you as a viewer as well! I push you ‘cuz you need to be pushed…as we all do. Everyone needs to be pushed/poked/prodded as – it pushes us to improve.

      If you are looking for some kind of “spoon fed info” in order for you to benefit / make money / succeed / common……..

      Make you a deal….I’ll chill a bit if you can agree.. your’e pissed off at me ‘cuz I “might”…juuuuuust might be on to something here no?

  2. D. Hanson April 17, 2017 / 3:20 am

    I can genuinely say I am not pissed off at you because you are onto something. I can genuinely say I think underneath the bravado you are a pretty good guy with some good market instincts. Personally I have nothing to prove and don’t need to be pushed to achieve a higher level of trading. I sell crude oil options way out of the money on both sides and have done so for years. it has allowed me to live a really good life and I find myself in a spot where most of what I make goes to build churches. That said I just found something telling me to write you that comment in the hopes that you would use the wisdom you have to help others and build a strong and active site. Surely you do have a bigger agenda just wondering if there isn’t a better way to achieve it.

    • Forex Kong April 17, 2017 / 5:17 am

      Wow D……we are world’s apart, but again…I do appreciate your comments and will do the best I can!

  3. few chairs mark it April 18, 2017 / 3:32 am

    1-kong, very very noble of you to post and reply to dave h.
    2-i agree with dave h. regarding some of your posts. often.
    3-i keep reading, because your reply is also true. debate makes the world go round. challenge is good.
    4-bottom line: its your website. keep konging (new word). its kongulating.

    • Forex Kong April 18, 2017 / 10:23 am

      Hey thanks alot.

      I’ve come to realize the format here works well for some and certainly NOT for others. I originally built this thing “for me” but as it’s popularity has grown I’ve been learning to “tone it down”. Hopefully I can strike a happy medium and everybody’s happy.

  4. tas April 18, 2017 / 11:44 am

    Kong, mate just a random post here. Have been on twitter and i did make a bit off a quick scalp sell on the gbp jpy when may announced she would be talking. I did take the trade as i had been watching it most of the afternoon set up. I did not know the news of may coming but took the trade on a set up i have found comes quite a bit.
    I noticed a lot of guys blowing there own horn about how they knew the pound would rebound after this announcement, as they already had trades set up supposedly.. I have not seen any proof of these trades live, i have proof of mine i always keep them…
    But is this luck that the announcement moved in their favour because we really had no idea of this announcement or are they twitter fx experts….
    Was just wondering if price does over run news announcements etc?
    does that make sense?

    • Forex Kong April 18, 2017 / 1:54 pm

      absolute 100% total luck as “trading news” is much like gambling.

      Ask yourself a couple things…one – what is the current trade environment “aside” from the news..two consider the currency on the other side of the pair ( JPY ) what’s it’s current trajectory? three….each currency pair has a much different ATR ( average true range/daily range ) so consider volatility and consider your position size ( I trade GBPJPY with the smallest of positions as its an animal! )

      I looks to me like USD is close to bottoming as well stock markets likely gonna bounce so…what does that mean for JPY ( down right? ) what does that suggest for currencies VS JPY (likely up right? )

      Frame this stuff with the knowledge you HAVE not the news you HEAR.

      • Forex Kong April 18, 2017 / 2:05 pm

        All that on a purely “technical level” then look to the fundamentals.

        Is there a reason you can find that GBP would go up ? down? PRIOR to the news? Look at the currency vs each of the OTHER currencies as well.

        The best trade is generally to wait til AFTER the news and see if what was said will have any “significant effect”…then let the dust settle and “plan” your entry.

        • Tas April 18, 2017 / 8:28 pm

          Thx mate that’s gold
          Really appreciate it

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