Bitcoin At $6400.00 – Your Opportunity Once Again

This has been a pretty brutal consolidation in Bitcoin and all crypto for the most part as – the entire crypto space currently rests on the shoulders of our beloved BTC. Once again $6400.00 ( identified months ago ) proves to be the line in the sand.

You get it right? As early adopters, a choice few have been able to recognize / distinguish the differences in one blockchain technology and the other – but for the most part ( with only a tiny fraction of the planet currently invested in crypto ) everyone and their three legged cat still thinks the entire thing is about Bitcoin.

Don’t get me wrong.

Bitcoin 5 Hour Chart - 6400.00

Bitcoin 5 Hour Chart – 6400.00

Bitcoin IS the backbone as it’s the “reserve cryptocurrency” of most of the largest crypto trading platforms ( meaning………you can’t FUND these accounts with fiat dollars….you must DEPOSIT BTC ) so all the trading pairs listed are listed with respect to their price “VS BTC”).

Like the old days of Forex…..when you would buy EUR/USD effectively saying Euro going up….USD going down. The largest crypto exchanges have all the other “Alt Coins” ( alternative coins ) priced vs BTC.

So you want to buy TRON ( TRX ).

You’ll first need to find a crypto wallet / service that allows you to convert your fiat currency ( US or Canadian Dollars ) TO Bitcoin……THEN USE BTC to purchase / trade the other pairs / coins.

The pairs look like this:





With billions in trading volume….these HUGE exchanges such as won’t just pack up and disappear, and bitcoin will serve as the “store of value” in the new digital economy as gold once did when there “was” a real economy.

Let’s see if she holds, and if the ol Kondicator ( my proprietary trade algo ) can soon be validated as the “Crypto” Kongdicator.

Have at it….I’m in the kitchen making tacos.



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  1. Alison Cardow August 22, 2018 / 10:15 am

    i dont get it ,isit only to invest or can you purchase with it, isit on a type of bank card ….i dont get it

    • Forex Kong August 22, 2018 / 10:26 am

      Its simply an asset / fund – traded on the good ol stockmarket Alison.

      You would buy it as you would any other stock.

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