Bitcoin At $6400.00 – Your Opportunity Once Again

Gary Savage Now Confirmed – The Dumbest Person On Earth

Have any of you heard of BAKKT?

You know the new cryptocurrency platform launching in know – THE ONE OWNED AND OPERATED BY ICE – THE OWNERS OF THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE!?


Oh ya……this guy Gary Savage. Now confirmed as literally….the dumbest trader / investor on Earth. This clown is suggesting to his few remaining followers that Bitcoin…yes bitcoin – is going to zero.

Boy oh boy…..I guess those fellows over there at The NYSC have really got this wrong hey man? Millions and millions of dollars invested, a platform where institutional investors and retailers alike will soon be buying and selling crypto on a massive global scale. Damn! – They are even talking about allowing crypto into Americans 401K plans!

Alas…Gary Savage The Dumbest Money Tracker must have some kind of inside scoop / secret knowledge as compared to the investors / creators of BAKKT. Also including support from both Microsoft and Starbucks. Point of sale terminals will roll out shortly after launch, retail investor “mass adoption” so clearly on the horizon and this guy crawls out from under his rock to suggest BTC is going to zero.

The Crypto market “wash out” is so blatantly a means for institutional investors ( not armchair retail clowns like this Gary Savage ) to buy as low as humanly possible before “BILLIONS” in retail and further instititutinal inverstment come flooding into the market.

You are a total moron guy….your followers will now miss the most significant change “and opportunity” of the last 100 years. Crawl back under a rock and watch the world pass you by….no wait – It clearly already has!






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  1. Alison Cardow August 22, 2018 / 10:15 am

    i dont get it ,isit only to invest or can you purchase with it, isit on a type of bank card ….i dont get it

    • Forex Kong August 22, 2018 / 10:26 am

      Its simply an asset / fund – traded on the good ol stockmarket Alison.

      You would buy it as you would any other stock.

  2. felix12013 November 26, 2018 / 9:58 am

    Incredibly some idiots still think bitcoin is coming back. The greatest bubble the world has ever seen and many are still in denial the bubble has popped. That I know of, only one person was able to control greed and walk away with profits. Everyone else got caught up in the insanity thinking it was going to a million and have now ridden the collapse all the way back down. Ultimately bitcoin will go back to it’s intrinsic value of $0.

    from the

    Please answer him something…. he is refering directly to You. Go and see… thanks!


    • Forex Kong November 30, 2018 / 5:50 am

      Check the link Felix……this guy is so dense he’s linked directly to it.

      Hopefully his few remaining followers will also jump ship / save themselves, and who knows…maybe even pick up a little BTC before the entire planet adopts but wait……it’s going to zero so…

      Hard to imagine how this clown ties his own shoes.

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