Traders Will Survive – Investors Get Smoked

Ok ok ok………you know my motto. “I’m always early…and rarely / if ever late”.

So here we are….a full 48 hours later. Stocks still pushing into “totally and completely over bought”.

Lets Hold Hands

Lets Hold Hands

Overbought – suggesting that the Relative Strength Index is “screaming” sell……all the while – the media ( and Fed for that matter ) keeping the sheep in line with dovish chatter.

All is well….everything going exactly to plan. Feel free to dump your life savings into the stock market here at the highs.

Would we expect anything different?

He he he… You think you’ve bucked the trend. You’re satisfied with “f#^k you Kong –  I know this shit much better than you / don’t tell me to lock in profits cuz I’ve been doin this for years!”.

Your paper profits are immense. Your PAPER profits are HUGE! You are seriously “up massively on paper”, and no one….I mean NO ONE is gonna take that away from you.


Run thru your portfolio. Mark these levels. Imagine your “paper profits” sitting in your bank account.


I can only share with you my thoughts / feelings / insights.

You know what you’re doing.

Let’s just hold hands? Good?





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