QE5 – Chance of October Fed Cut Tops 90%

The implied chance of the Federal Reserve cutting rates this month jumped above 90% Thursday following another weak economic indicator. The ISM’s services measure hit a three-year low for September, which followed a 10-year low in its manufacturing index earlier this week. Chances of a rate cut were below 50% at the end of last week.

QE5 Has already begun

  • The fed funds futures are now pricing in a 91.9% chance that the Fed cuts its benchmark rate to the range of 1.5% to 2% from 1.75% from 2%, according Investing.com’s Fed Rate Monitor Tool.

Expectations of a cut topped 75% in the previous session.

We are going to zero people. Zero and then SUB ZERO interest rates coming as the Fed has clearly lost all control.

You caught the 300 BILLION dollar injection thru the repo market last week ya?? Get this……that is more “fake printed money” pumped into markets in ONE WEEK….than the ENTIRE market cap of the ENTIRE CRYPTO CURRENCY MARKET. In one week!

Stay safe people. You will wake up one morning with Dow – 1200 and that will be that!



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