Prepare For The Next Leg – Lower

Ya ya….I get it. You don’t want to hear it.

“Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows..Everything that’s wonderful…blah blah blah. Yes yes well…..such is not the case – currently.

Social Distancing From Kong

Social Distancing From Kong

I can go on and on with a million “technical reasons” this market will roll over ( and take another leg lower ) then I could spend days ‘n days outlining the “fundamental reasons” this market will roll over ( and take another leg lower ) – but you don’t want to hear that.

I guess a firm recognition, and solid understanding of “what we’ve just witnessed” is necessary, in order to formulate a reasonable idea of “where we’re headed next”.

You get it…obviously.

We have just witnessed the largest economic / market “TURN” of our lifetimes.

You would honestly have to be living under a rock to even “consider” this a “passing concern” or a “blip”.

World governments throwing everything / literally “everything they’ve got” at keeping populations calm and assured that monetary relief will come, and that everything will be fine.

Small businesses will die and never come back. Earnings reports over coming quarters will puke, mortgage market may implode, dollar printing will accelerate at such a pace as to “keep up” with the flood of bailouts / defaults / support programs etc…..take your pick.

This is not a bottom – this is a “dead cat bounce”, which looks to be in jeopardy of rolling over “even sooner” than I might have expected.

Do what you will….but do yourself a favor.

This is the beginning – not the end.

I am LOOKING SHORT and will plan accordingly over literally………the next 48 hours.





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