Get Macro – The Wilshire 5000 Index

Have you ever followed / watched the charts on the Wilshire 500?

What the hell “is” the Wilshire 500?

The Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index, or more simply the Wilshire 5000, is a market-capitalization-weighted index of the market value of all US-stocks actively traded in the United States.

As of December 31, 2019, the index contained 3,473 components.

The index is intended to measure the performance of most publicly traded companies headquartered in the United States, with readily available price data, (Bulletin Board/penny stocks and stocks of extremely small companies are excluded). Hence, the index includes a majority of the common stocks and REITs traded primarily through New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, or the American Stock Exchange. Limited partnerships and ADRs are not included.

It can be tracked by following the ticker W5000.

A look at the current status:

Wilshire 5000 Index

Wilshire 5000 Index

It’s fair to say that “stock picking” during this tenuous time can be “extremely difficult” whether you are looking to get short OR remain long…..

Sometime a wider view of “macro markets” can give you a better idea as to “where we are at”….as traders have a tendency to get “tunnel vision” on a specific stock or two…then grow frustrated in not understanding the “broader market trends”.

At this point it’s fair to say that the macro damage to this chart will take considerable time to repair. We’ve now retraced a good 50 – 68% of the entire fall, and things finally appear to be stalling out.

Bulls are gonna need “a whole lot more squiggles” to even consider this a “V Shaped Recovery”.

Most of the “good news” is now cooked in with the Fed in full effect, and the tech companies first quarter earnings done ( short of Apple’s miss tonight ).

I would encourage longs / bulls to again “seriously think about taking some profits here”.

I’m popping in short for a few days here.


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