Humanity On The Precipice – Slavery At Hand

Humanity – Greed And Fear – Do You Even Know What’s Driving You?

Markets exist “well beyond” the simple facets of what the typical / average human being generally takes into consideration. You’ve got your CNBC…your BNN and any number of “other media resources” that you “think/hope” will assist/ guide you on your investment journey, and for the most part……..this is all that 99% of traders / investors drawn from. Fair enough.

Quickly let me ask you………will any of them “EVER” tell you to sell / get the F@$K outta the market?

If you consider the amount of greed manifesting at the absolute top of the market, where banks simply take your deposits and gamble with them ( then lose – then get bailed out ) – at some point you’ve gotta ask yourself…

Shouldn’t I form my own views? Not opinions…..not “believes” but…..straight up views of the current market and it’s functionality, based on my own research and analysis?

Anything less is essentially gambling no?

A harsh reality to consider / to be quite frank – you actually have no concept of what’s going on – short of the information gathered from your “financial media” ya? Or no? Any argument welcome.

This being said……we sit on the precipice of what will likely be the most significant FED meeting / announcement we’ve seen on Earth in 12 – 15 years. The .25 bps raise is a given.

It’s the “guidance moving forward” that will move the markets past whatever “pop n drop” we see tomorrow, and I am extremely confident that the market “has this wrong”.

The FED will raise. The FED will stick to it’s general rhetoric, and will HOLD RATES AT THIS RATE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. They will not suggest or even imply “anything close to a rate cut” during the year of 2023.

The market has this wrong….with the 2 year bond suggesting a full 1.25 bps RATE CUT prior to the end of the year? You gotta be crazy. You go 12 years at 0% …..then spend a single year boosting to 5.5% then cut?? Not gonna happen.

Pop’n Drop……..or just simply DROP…as they had your back for 12 years……it’s time to re price equites.

Weekly Swing Low – Buy Time If You’ve Got The Balls

I’ve Been Looking For A Weekly Swing Low

Stocks appear to have made their “weekly swing low” as of this morning. This is simply a condition where a weekly candle closes “higher” than the close of the weekly candle prior, and in this case…..within the usual timing band ( these days between 46 – 53 days ) for the cycle to have completed.

Crypto has also made some pretty serious recovery so…It looks like “buy time” to me.

This has undoubtedly been one of the longest / toughest / unpredictable pullbacks we’ve seen in very long time and rightfully so considering all that’s going on in the world but….the charts generally don’t lie and from a technical standpoint – this is all looking relatively normal to this gorilla.

You may want to consider “inching in here” and not throwing the kitchen sinks at this market in general but that being said – I do believe we go on to make the largest returns in the second half of this year, as the big boys “blow the top” off this thing and hand retail the bag once again at much higher prices. Markets don’t roll over like this. We need something euphoric to really convince the masses it’s time to buy…and you know what that means for us – the time to ultimately sell as the average joe scrapes together his last few bucks and buys at the absolute top.

Crypto wise… wanna stick with the top ten as seen at, as these are coins with very good “use cases” as opposed to so many of the smaller projects that will likely never go anywhere. Ethereum feels like an absolute steal here considering it’s solid place within the defi ecosystem, and bitcoin ( now serving as digital gold for the next generation ) will likely be worth $1 million dollars a coin in the not so distant future.

Have fun gang….keep yer eyes peeled on Russia / Ukraine as….oil will flop back down to 45 bones once this conflict is resolved.

Crypto Kong – Steps Out Of The Jungle

So I’ve finally stepped out of the jungle ( all be it concrete these past few years ) and made my way back to the beach, and it feels great. Life as it should be with birds chirping, ants crawling and the renewed sense that…. all will be O.K. It’s been quite some time since I’ve bothered to post, as Covid ran it’s course and the wonderful world of crypto currencies finally hit it’s stride.

I may be a little rusty = forgive me in advance.

As you may recall back some 4 years ago – I may have suggested it a good idea to grab yourself a bitcoin or two, and that we would “never” see these levels again. Well….here we are. I haven’t sold a single thing.

So what would you say if I suggested that “once again” we find ourselves at a time and place where Bitcoin and the “entire crypto currency sector” will defy the odds, quiet the “nay sayers” and double / triple / 5X over the next coming years? Lemme guess…’s a scam right?

When entire countries are now moving to accept crypto as legal tender, when every second advert on CNBC / Bloomberg is for another crypto card / ETF / fund, when public traded companies such as Coinbase trade on the New York Stock Exchange what? It’s a scam right?


Maybe you live in a tent, behind a shed, behind your grandparents trailer.

Aside from the current adoption rate of crypto currency “dramatically eclipsing” that of the internet ( you remember when there WAS NO INTERNET? ) the timing / entry here comes along side the absolute MAX PAIN we are currently seeing in my ol friend…you guessed it – The U.S Dollar, now at unsustainable levels and banging it’s head on 103.50.

When USD rolls over here in coming days – you are gonna see something incredible, and I will “once again” be here to give you shit about not taking advantage.

Don’t make the same mistake twice….I implore you. Your grand kids will thank you – of that you can be certain.