Canadian Marijuana Stocks – Investing In Marijuana

Canadian  stocks are obviously something you seriously need to consider as……Canada plans to make the sale of weed “legal” on a federal / national level any time soon. You don’t want to miss the boat when these stocks take off, and aside from the raft of new companies soon to hit the public market –  there are already several Canadian stocks to considering taking a stab at.

Cantech Molecular for example is a Canadian molecular research company that can “tailer make” strains with specific traits at a genetic level.

This is some serious science when you consider the wide range of individuals needs – be it for pain relief in cancer patients, post traumatic stress in veterans, or anything in between.

Cantech Molecular has the ability to engineer a personalized medical treatment regimen with the most effective active drug combinations for any chosen species or aliments based on genetics. UNREAL!

This is clearly the future as “finally” scientists have the opportunity to study, explore and refine the incredible healing properties that pot has to offer. We’re finally talking about “medicine”.

Investing in pot makes pretty good sense considering what we’ve seen happen in Colorado. as I understand it, the state of Colorado has taken in such enormous tax dollars based on this new revenue stream that they are actually considering “tax refunds” for residents. Not bad considering crime rates have stayed the same and there is no indication that the legalization has had “any” adverse effect.

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Why Invest In Canadian Stocks?

Canada has yet to pull the trigger but once the deal is formalized – one only needs to look to Colorado’s numbers to extrapolate what’s in store for these stocks. Big numbers. Really big numbers. Here’s a look at one of Canada’s front running stocks.

canadian cannabis company

canadian pot company

Investing In Canadian  Stocks

Investing in Canadian  stocks some months ago (obviously) would have been fantastic but keep in mind….the first round of savvy investors took on tremendous risk whereas now…there’s really no question that these stocks have not only weathered the early storm – but have flourished.

Investing in Canadian  stocks looks somewhat similar to the “good ol days” back when tech stocks where “purely speculative”. Pot is obviously here to stay, and the heavy lifting has already been done. I’m looking at creating starter positions in a wide range of pot stocks ( Canadian stocks specifically ) and building as the official announcement draws near.

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