Who Is Going To Be The Next Market Disruptor In The Better-For-You Alternatives Market?

Newly-Listed Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd.’s (CSE:TAAT) Is Off To a Flying Start and Looks To Disrupt an $888 Billion Industry


When Beyond Meat entered their market, vegetarian and vegan options had already existed for decades.

So why did Beyond Meat experience such massive and rapid growth?

Because consumers weren’t only looking for a better-for-you alternative. They also wanted something that TASTES as good as the real thing.

That’s what Beyond Meat delivered. Better-for-you AND no compromises on experience.

That’s what made that entirely new market category takeoff.

Beyond Meat priced their IPO at $25 a share[1] and investors that got in early watched the stock spike as much as 734% higher than the IPO price within the first 2 months.[2]

The stock did hit a low of $48.18 later, but it’s rebounded 180% in the last 3 months to around the $142 mark as of July 2nd… and the company continues to dominate the brand-new better-for-you meat market.

People are wanting to be more health conscious and other better-for-you alternatives markets are starting to pop up.

One market looking to be disrupted is the $888B cig industry that’s projected to exceed $1.1 trillion by 2024.[3]

It’s the #1 cause of preventable death in America, killing almost 500,000 people each year.[4]

No surprise that major pharma companies like Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, and AstraZeneca PLC have a long history of developing Nic Replacement Therapy (NRT) products they market as helping people quit: patches, gum, lozenges, inhalers, and mouth sprays.[5]

In the real world, cig users don’t tend to get the behavioral counseling that’s recommended and so use NRT for shorter periods of time than they’re supposed to.

In fact, follow-up studies have shown that, without an organized cessation program, NRT not only didn’t improve quitting, but could actually make quitting less likely.

That means people are looking for a new, better alternative to help satisfy their cravings.

Luckily for them – and for investors – there’s a better-for-you alternative that can help them quit while still delivering the same taste and feel of a traditional smoke… but without the harmful stuff.

Consumer adoption of this better-for-you alternative is in its early stage, so this is the time to be on the watch for the company that will win the all-important first-mover advantage of this emerging market.

Recently-listed Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. (CSE:TAAT) looks perfectly poised to be the market leader with its industry-experienced leadership and their flagship product launch expected in fall 2020.[6]


Better-For-You With No Downside

Taat (CSE:TAAT) is a life sciences company that went public on June 22, 2020.

Their founder and CEO was a smoker himself for years. He quit by moving to a Juul-like alternative, but then realized that came with its own health issues.

So now he’s on a mission to give users a better-for-you alternative to traditional cigs without having to give up on the taste or experience they’ve come to love, right down to the packaging, scent, and amount of smoke exhaled.

“The industry is my target. I envision Taat being in every gas station, smoke shop, liquor store, and convenience store domestically and internationally. It is important that people know this alternative exists and is available next to the dinosaurs on the shelves.”[7]
– Joe Deighan, Taat Founder and CEO

Taat’s (CSE:TAAT) better-for-you alternative has some BIG advantages over traditional products:

  • No traditional-cig leaf
  • No nic
  • No chemicals or pesticides
  • Non-addictive

Because they’re made from pot’s tamer cousin, they’re non-psychoactive.

Taat (CSE:TAAT) also made sure their proprietary formulation avoids the scent and taste of pot.

In other words, a perfectly timed product in light of the growing number of users looking for the new and better way to quit or just for an alternative to traditional products and Juul.


Distribution Channels in Place and 10x the Margins

Taat’s (CSE:TAAT) better-for-you alternative can be sold across all mainstream distribution channels for traditional products, both in the US and internationally.

They’re already pursuing relationships with retail and distribution partners.

Their rollout plan also includes (1) creating an online presence to drive additional sales and distribution through their website and (2) selling their products on Amazon.

According to their investor deck, Taat (CSE:TAAT) generated its first revenues in January of 2020 and their purchase orders continue to build.

Then there’s the margins involved. While traditional products drive 28.6% of sales in

convenience stores, they only return a meager 2-4% retail profit margin. Not so with Taat (CSE:TAAT). Their products represent an impressive 30-40% retail profit margin.[8]

With a market hungry for a better alternative to traditional products, and the biggest possible catalyst coming up soon – their product launch in the fall – investors should watch out for Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. (CSE:TAAT) to potentially make some big gains in the near-term.


Targeting a Massive Industry Ripe for Alternatives

The global industry is projected to reach a value of US$1.1 trillion by 2024.[9]

The top 5 market leaders have billion-dollar net sales in the double digits.[10]

In the US alone, there are over 34 million cig users,[11] with over 19 million of those using menthols.[12]

Why the popularity of menthol? Because the flavoring creates a smoother experience. That’s what makes it an $80B global market on its own.[13]

What’s the downside? According to the FDA, research suggests traditional menthols might be harder to quit than non menthol. (More about menthol in a moment.)

When you add in the fact that cigs in general account for about 1 in every 5 deaths in America[14], it’s no wonder smokers are desperate for a better-for-you alternative and a new way to quit.


Taat is Set to Dominate TWO Billion-Dollar Markets

Taat’s (CSE:TAAT) better-for-you alternative is the answer to:

  1. Users that want to keep using cigs but want a better-for-you alternative
  2. People that want to quit altogether

We’ve already seen how large the industry is.

Now let’s take a look at the market for quitting.


Taat Targeting Nic Replacement Therapy (NRT) Market

Lots of smokers are always trying to quit. In 2018, 55.1% of adult smokers in the US made an attempt to quit.[15]

That’s why this multi-billion-dollar market is projected to reach $64 billion by 2026.[16]

One of the most common approaches to quitting is Nic Replacement Therapy (NRT).

But NRT has some serious downsides:

When users that want to quit compare NRT to Taat’s (CSE:TAAT) better-for-you alternative, they’ll easily see a much more appealing picture:

  • No nic
  • Non-addictive
  • No negative side effects
  • Pure and natural

Taat’s (CSE:TAAT) products also satisfy the very important hand-to-mouth habit that only inhaler-based NRT products offer.


Billion-Dollar Comparables in the NRT Market

All the companies below benefit from the NRT market’s potential to drive major revenue.

Company  Symbol Market Cap* Share Price*
Taat International CSE:TAAT $26.43M $0.73
Imperial Brands PLC OTCMKTS:IMBBY $25.29B $25.77
GlaxoSmithKline PLC NYSE:GSK $140.88B $55.80
AstraZeneca PLC NYSE:AZN $185.62B $72.04
Cipla Ltd NSE:CIPLA $9.25B $11.46
Johnson & Johnson NYSE:JNJ $502.86B $190.59

*Share price and market cap from Yahoo Finance on June 25, 2020. All amounts in CDN dollars at exchange rate of $1 USD to $1.36485 CDN and $1 CDN to 55.3944 INR.

These companies represent just a small portion of the market around helping users quit.

The good news for investors is that Taat (CSE:TAAT) offers a better-for-you alternative when it comes to quitting, giving Taat the potential to pick up major market share in this growing space.


Taat’s Better-For-You Alternative Doesn’t Compromise on Taste

Taat’s (CSE:TAAT) products are not only better-for-you alternatives that match the experience of smokes through the packaging, scent, and amount of smoke exhaled. They also match the all-important TASTE through what Taat refers to as “a proprietary blend of flavouring.”

Taat’s (CSE:TAAT) better-for-you alternative also has the benefit of a menthol-flavored product that’s set to take on the $80B traditional menthols market mentioned earlier.

The timing couldn’t be better either, since menthols are being banned in different localities in California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New York[19]

while Massachusetts passed a state-wide ban in 2020.[20]

Fortunately for Taat (CSE:TAAT), these menthol bans don’t apply to their products, which opens the door for them to make major market penetration following their product launch in the fall.


Comparables Using Better-For-You Alternatives to Take on Traditional Products

When it comes to the space Taat (CSE:TAAT) is targeting, the two best-known companies right now both have products in the market.

But they’re also both private companies.

The first company is Plain Jane. According to a recent press release[21], like Taat, they’re targeting people looking for a better-for-you alternative and people wanting to quit. However, their products do not emulate the taste or smell of the traditional product, which means they can’t be considered a direct competitor to TAAT.

When it comes to this second company, it’s important to know that Taat’s (CSE:TAAT) founder and CEO, Joe Deighan, was the inventor of the brand. While they remain the market leader in the space, they, much like Plain Jane, don’t focus on a product that emulates the taste and smell of the traditional product the way TAAT does. In fact, their website also says they have other areas of focus as well.[22]

Then there’s the giant from the traditional sector: Altria Group. They invested $12.8B into Juul in 2018, as they started down a new path that relies less on traditional cigs.[23] But now they’re also setting their sights on Taat’s sector. In Q4 2019, they became the first big company lobbying on matters related to pot’s tamer cousin at the federal level.[24]

For investors, there are 2 takeaways here.

First, the market for Taat’s products is established and proven.

Second, as a newly-listed company with an upcoming product launch in which the products actually look, taste, and smell like the traditional thing, Taat (CSE:TAAT) represents the greatest potential to realize significant ROI.


Fallout in Juul’s Sector Opens the Door for Taat

Not that long ago, people looked to products like Juul as a healthier alternative and a way to quit.

But that sector isn’t looking very attractive anymore, which only makes Taat (CSE:TAAT) look that much better.

By January 2020, there were 2,602 illness cases and 59 deaths in the US related to this sector.[25]

Juul, in particular, has taken a beating:

  • flavored pods banned in several markets over concerns that they attracted teens
  • lawsuits over their marketing practices, lung diseases, bleeding in the brain and seizures
  • first wrongful death lawsuit filed in a California federal court in Q4 2019[26]

Juul voluntarily removed some of its flavors from US stores in November 2018.

That move gutted their fruit-flavored product sales from 33% of total sales to just 9% within 5 months.[27]

Then, in late 2019, various states started banning products in Michigan, then New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Montana, Washington, and Oregon.

In January 2020, the US created a countrywide ban on flavored products.[28]

Through it all, Altria Group is trying to get around this sector’s fallout with its IQOS product.

IQOS heats the leaf of traditional cigs without burning it, giving smokers a nic hit with fewer toxins.[29]

Although IQOS would avoid this sector’s bans, it might not even reach the US market thanks to a UK-based $73B company suing Altria/Philip Morris over alleged patent infringement. If they win, they might be able to block the importation of IQOS into the US.[30]

Either way, any smoker could see that IQOS’s mix of traditional-cig leaf and nic isn’t in the same class as Taat’s (CSE:TAAT) better-for-you alternatives.


Proven Leadership in Alternative Products, Entrepreneurship, & Marketing

Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd.’s (CSE:TAAT) management team is built on the proven foundation of two leaders.

Joe Deighan, Founder and CEO  Joe Deighan

Joe knows this space inside and out. He founded flavored e-juice company JJuice in 2012 and grew it to one of the largest in America before it was sold to a traditional cig company. While CEO of America Juice Co., he developed and launched the first mass market alternative to traditional cigs in the space Taat is targeting today. Over the years he’s built up an extensive network of relevant retailers and distributors across the US that will be invaluable to Taat’s (CSE:TAAT) product launch in Q4 2020.



Ryan Kruger, Special Advisor Ryan Kruger

Ryan is an experienced senior executive with a demonstrated history of success in the entertainment and consumer goods industries. Skilled in Negotiation and Organizational Leadership with an MBA focused in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies, he has developed and directed marketing campaigns for clients such as Imperial Tobacco, Labatt, Sony, and Coca-Cola.[31] He started his first company when he was an undergrad, spent several years as an international private consultant, and was drawn to Taat for its potential to disrupt and stand out.



8 REASONS Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. (CSE:TAAT) could see major market penetration and big near-term gains

  1. Potential to be the Beyond Meat of this sector as early mover in entirely new (yet large) market
  2. Major upcoming catalyst with flagship product launch in Q4 2020
  3. Superior better-for-you alternative to traditional cigs to meet growing demand
  4. No compromise on experience: packaging, scent, amount of smoke exhaled, taste, and popular flavors, such as menthol
  5. Juul’s sector facing increased scrutiny from lawmakers means smokers are looking for a new better alternative
  6. Taat (CSE:TAAT) can sell across all distribution channels for traditional cig in the US and internationally; already pursuing relationships with retail and distribution partners
  7. High margins (30-40% retail profit) compared to traditional products (2-4% retail profit)
  8. Management with proven track records in cig alternatives, entrepreneurship, and marketing

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