China Gets The Gold – U.S Stays Afloat

Not to shabby really. Two full weeks without a trade alert posted, and Monday the Nikkei closes down some -450 points. I hope you got the tweet. Of the 13 pairs suggested I think maybe “one” didn’t move directly into profit within the first few hours of trading.

A wonderful entry sure, but in this day and age you can’t just rely on that. Would it shock me to see the entire move 100% completely retraced  by tomorrow afternoon? Not in the slightest.

Interesting to see, that of the “safe havens” outlined in a post a few days ago – ALL managed yo move higher as risk aversion took center stage. The U.S Dollar, Bonds, Yen and Gold all moving higher as suggested ( I hope you’ve taken something away here –  a nice lil nugget found laying in the dirt.)

There’s been some talk that the “age-old correlation” between the price of gold and the value of the Australian Dollar has once again “found its way” as the Aussie continues to exhibit “some degree of strength” in a “risk off ” environment. Personally I’m not holding my breath as ( call me crazy but…) I’ve formulated some idea as “what the hell has been going on with Gold” and it doesn’t involve Australia.

Has anyone else considered that the Fed / U.S has actually been “allowing” China to buy gold on the cheap as a backroom / side deal  / means to convert / smooth out the waters as opposed to seeing China dump USD as well as future bond purchases?

Makes perfect sense to me. China says “moving away from USD as well no need for more US denominated debt”, U.S has a heart attack and swings a deal to actually “give” China whatever remaining gold is available for the lowest price possible?

The more I think about – the more sense it makes.

You won’t tolerate our “money printing any longer” so…..please don’t drop the hammer on us just yet – “here’s all our gold reserves as well”.

Manipulation ( short selling in the paper market ) essentially giving China the means to buy gold on the cheap as opposed to more U.S denominated debt no?

I’m positive this has absolutely nothing to do with the Australian Dollar and caution that people are at least “open to the idea”. Call me a wack job……fair enough.

We’ll take it day by day but as it stands, all “short AUD” entries look fine here as of this morning

Gold will be gold, and I’m quite certain the Aussie will continue to find itself on its own “downward trajectory”.

Waterfalls In Australia – AUD Going Down

I’m not going to get into all the details here at the moment as……I imagine the majority of you could really care less.

“Just give us the trades Kong – what’s the trade Kong??”

The Australian Dollar is in real trouble here.

Considering that the RBA is opening “talking down” AUD as the currency is considered “overvalued” (and in turn hurting Australia’s economy), coupled with the fact that “it’s been a nice run” on the back of massive expansion and development of China – it could very well be time for some serious downward action.

AUD has already come down considerably but…..I might see a “waterfall” coming – in the not so distant future.

Trades short in AUD/JPY would likely make the biggest move, as well for stock traders short “FXA”.

Risk Appetite – You'll Get It "Eventually"

You know me. I’m a currency guy.

As each of us “eventually” find our specific area of interest, be it options or futures, equities or bonds, currency or commodities, you’d like to think that – over time…..we get better at it.

After countless hours and many, many sleepless nights – finally……finally things start to come together. If you stick with it long enough “eventually” trade ideas and entry signals “literally” – come “leaping out of the computer screen”.

I suggested the other day that I was seeing weakness in the commodity related currencies. Those being the AUD, NZD as well the CAD. I also initiated a trade “short tech” last week – that is now about a “millimeter” from being picked up. The weakness in commodity related currencies cannot be ignored as…these currencies represent risk. Would it just be coincidence if we where to see the “short tech trade” get picked up , and see equities pullback as well?

I think not.

The currency market is like ” a gazillion times larger” than a single countries equities market, and it’s always been my firm belief that “currencies lead”.

You don’t get a “sell off in AUD” for example – because equities markets are looking weak. Equities markets “become weak” as “risk appetite” wanes. Appetite for risk is seen via currency markets “long before” it’s reflected in a silly bunch of stocks.

Take it for what it’s worth as everyone has their own views but… ignore movements in the currency markets, in exchange for headlines on the T.V, or perhaps an analysts opinion sounds like a great way to lose a lot of money.

I’ve entered “several new positions” short the commods against a variety of other currencies as my original “feelers” are looking quite good. GBP has been a monster, and CAD and AUD in particular have been taking some decent hits.

Small Trades Initiated – Smaller Expectations

I’ve stepped into the market with a handful of trades, keeping positions very small – with relatively tight “mental stops”.

Seeing the commodity currencies stall early yesterday, I’ve got to keep pushing in order to continually pull money out of this “labyrinth” we currently call a market.

Not having the “larger time frame stars aligned ” in situations like these,  often what I will do is jump down to the smaller time frame charts “regardless” and apply the same technical know how / skill – only with far smaller expectations, far smaller position size ( if that’s even possible these days ) and with a set % of risk, all-knowing I’m not in the “absolutely best place to place a trade”.

Often these “feelers” turn into fantastic starter positions as I generally “buy around the horn” but….one has to keep an open mind – considering the current market conditions.

That being – nothing is for certain.

USD continues lower, but fairly “unconvincingly” as JPY has shown the “tiniest bit of strength” although again – with little conviction. The commodity currencies are weak, but still hanging in there, creating an overall trading environment fraught with indecision.

I’ve entered long GBP/AUD as well GBP/USD , as well a couple “shots” at commods vs yen.

China Leaders Meet – Huge Reforms Expected

President Xi Jinping is expected to unveil a new economic framework for the country after the “The Third Plenum” (simply the third time that Xi Jinping will meet with his top brass in his role as the party chairman) wrapping up on the 12th.

Traditionally reforms are expected at the Third Plenum, with new leaders  having had time to consolidate power. A senior Chinese official has already promised “unprecedented” reforms.

Xi Jinping is under tremendous pressure from many parts of Chinese society to unveil radical changes so  – alot rides on the outcome.

We all know how significant a role China currently plays on the world stage with respect to it’s economic importance and influence on the U.S.A. Large reforms in the banking sector or increased suggestion of “tightening” can and “will” have significant impact on global markets so…..whatever you “think” you hear next week on CNN don’t be fooled.

China will move the markets, as continued coverage of “locker room bullying” takes a back seat.

Shoot me now,  as I’m not sure if I can hang on another day. CNN has the “battle of the burgers” and “locker room bullying” rounding out the top stories of the day.

USD Strength – Gold, Stocks, Forex Direction

The strength of the US Dollar has gathered steam over the past few days, with several trades “long USD” already paying well. I don’t imagine this to be your average “run of the mill” type move here – so I feel it worthy of further discussion / analysis.

The US Dollar will most certainly be moving lower in the “not so distant future”, but we trade what we’ve got in front of us so……



In looking to line up these “technicals” with some broader “intermarket analysis” we’ve got to consider that U.S equities have made some pretty huge gains since January of this year , as USD has more or less gone “up the mountain and back down the other side” – now at exactly the same level around 79.00.

With an impending correction “upward” in USD it would make sense to “finally see equities correct lower” ( if that’s at all possible considering the Fed’s POMO) and unfortunately for many – see gold and the precious metals correct lower as well.

Looking at forex markets it’s obvious the “opposite reaction” of a much stronger US Dollar will equate to a weaker EUR as well GBP and CHF. I would also expect the commodity currencies to correct lower as well, but considering that they’ve already fallen considerably – my focus would be on the Euro type pairs.

So that’s what I’m running with over the next few days – looking to “inch in” to many trades with a “risk off” vibe, and continued strength in the dreaded U.S Dollar.

Day Of The Dead – One Year Blog Anniversary

Well – what can be said?

It looks as though I’ll have no trouble “celebtrating in style” here today and through the “Day of the Dead” celebrations set to kick off here in Playa over the coming days  – as we nailed the upside turn on USD literally to the minute. That, coupled with the incredible moves in AUD overnight ( I sent out the tweet, and even put a post together as fast as I could!) has me up an additional 3% and “holding” here as of this morning.

As well the “offical” 1 year anniversary at Forex Kong!

Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. It is particularly celebrated in Mexico.



It’s Halloween on an entirely different level, lasting nearly 3 full days (and even gets an official bank holiday). The costumes, art work and cultural festivities are second to none. I encourage all of you to Google it / have a look online.

So, that’s about it for this morning short of keeping our eyes on reaction across other asset classes as the USD digs in here, and looks to wipe out a serious number of players “still” sitting on the other side.

Australian Dollar – Honesty In Decline

The following a direct quote from Glenn Robert Stevens – an Australian economist and the current Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

“The foreign exchange market is perhaps another area in which investors should take care.

While the direction of the exchange rate’s response to some recent events might be understandable, that was from levels that were already unusually high.

These levels of the exchange rate are not supported by Australia’s relative levels of costs and productivity. Moreover, the terms of trade are likely to fall, not rise, from here. So it seems quite likely that at some point in the future the Australian dollar will be materially lower than it is today. “


You’ve got to love it when a central banker:

  1. Tells the absolute truth.
  2. Tells the absolute truth.
  3. Tells the absolute truth.

Short AUD has been ” and will continue to be” an absolutely fantastic trade moving forward, as perhaps “finally” we get the correlation to “global appetite for risk” back in vouge.

Forex Trade Strategies – October 29, 2013

Forex Trade Strategies – October 29,2013

It would appear that the U.S Dollar is making its “swing low” here this morning, suggesting that a bottom is close at hand. This one isn’t likely going to be your “usual” bottom in the dollar as it’s now reached extreme oversold levels as well as an area of sizeable support.

As we’ve discussed here many times – when the elastic band gets stretched “too far” the corresponding “snap back” is usually quite fierce, as many inexperienced traders are caught leaning to heavily in the wrong direction.

Wednesday’s Fed meeting/ announcement “should” likely provide the catalyst, and it will be very interesting to see which way a number of asset classes move with respect to whatever is said.

When looking “long USD” here its fair to say that the currency pairs EUR/USD as well GBP/USD should turn downward, as well USD/CHF to the upside – these are pretty much a given, but the commodity currencies will remain “on hold” until we get more clarity.

Both AUD as well NZD have taken “reasonable” turns to the downside as of late “along with” a continually falling US Dollar so……it remains to be see if these will also “continue lower” as the USD carves out this turn.

I plan to trade this quite aggressively as I expect the USD move to be a whopper. Off the top it usually doesn’t bode well for the gold and the metals when we see the Dollar rise….but if this time we see a “rise on flight to safety” it’s not at all hard to imagine both gold and the USD moving higher together.

I will be watching / posting via twitter for real-time moves , as well looking to celebrate my 1st Year Anniversary here at Forex Kong tomorrow!





Caterpillar Earnings – What It Means To Me

I don’t care what anyone else says ( obviously no? ) as we’ve all got our own opinions.

You can listen to the constant stream of bull%&it coming across CNBC justifying company after company’s earnings misses – then the ridiculous “short-term reasons” they suggest.

Fact of the matter is, the majority of companies that indeed “have met earnings expectations” have  largely done so via cost-cutting and margin expansion. Don’t be fooled – this is not revenue growth. Your company might “appear” to be doing better as well –  with 60 fewer employees etc…

As “the “global supplier to construction and mining industries, Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT ) sees the very foundation of economic expansion,  and is often considered an economic bellwether, particularly in emerging economies like China. More machines sold means more holes dug, more roads built etc.

If in the absolutely “simplest sense” one can’t see / comprehend CAT’s massive earnings miss as indication of global growth “slowing” and forward guidance as “further slowing” – I’d be extremely concerned that you may need to have your head examined.

CAT is no “one hit wonder” or some “.com fly by night”.

As CAT goes………global growth goes.