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The “Kongdicator” has been years in the making.

The Kongdicator is truly a thing of beauty, and a product of literally “1000’s of hours” logged staring into the dark soul of my “evil computer monitor”.

Computers have no heart..no compassion …..and will gladly steal your eyesight at a moment’s notice ( given half the chance) but NO!……not in this case – as we survive “unscathed” – Kongdicator in hand.

The Kongdicator Rules Forex Kong.

I am a fundamental trader at heart – looking to “ride the waves” as “planetary monetary policy” shifts and evolves. I look to long-term charts FIRST and then look to the Kongdicator to get me “in and out” on the short-term “ebb and flow”.

We’ve now proven it’s worth in equities markets as well – nailing the last several turns “literally to the day”.

We all need to improve on our trading. We all need a plan.

The Kongdicator “is” my plan.

It’s like this…..I’ve been working on this for years, and have always been taught / learned that  – “you need to stand up for what you believe – and never let anything stand in your way”. So……..there it is. I wouldn’t get so excited about it if I didn’t feel I could stand behind it.

Kongdicator coming your way – soon!

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  1. schmederling July 16, 2013 / 11:23 pm

    keep killing it Kong….. turns seem to be in play – set-up for the next 30-60 & 90 days… 🙂 back to fishing for the remainder of the summer with stops set VERY large to avoid getting kicked off this ride….. Life is too short… summers are too short…. ( Here in Canada) unlike you location LOL…. but seriously …. there is a time and place for everything & right now for me it’s time to rest, recouple, recharge & get ready for mid-August to EOY….. back to the basics & nature to get grounded…. the markets will always be there…. be we are only here for a moment of time…. like sands of a hour-glass ” TIME” can slip through one figures very quickly ….. one needs to stop and enjoy>>>> looking forward the Kongdicator reveal !!!

    Best to all – back to fishing…..

    Cheers Schmed,

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