Cliff Spliff – Give Me a Break

As out of character as this is…..I just couldn’t stop myself this morning. A funny thing really – watching news on spanish TV. Regardless of most of the small talk generally all “melting together” – you get these funny little english outbursts of words and phrases that can’t be translated into spanish.

“Y en otras noticias.. .el Estados Unidos avanza hacia la FISCAL CLIFF……y los peligros de caída de la FISCAL CLIFF crean problemas significativos para la economía”. Its too funny.

Listen – If anyone reading here honestly thinks for a minute, that Obama and ol Uncle Ben – after pumping billions and billions and billions into markets over the past 4 years – are going to just quit/give up /get hung up on something as ridiculous as this – perhaps you’re sittin up in Colorado right now – kicking back and enjoying the new marijuana laws.

The big wheels of “easing” are now more than set in motion –  and nothing ..NOTHING can stop it now – NOTHING. This administration is in far to deep at this point…. to even “consider” slowing down – in fact… its much more likely things will even start to move faster – as the easing continues and continues.

Its bye bye dollar boys…….and the markets gonna fly.