Forex Kong System – Currently Not For Sale

Forex Kong System. Huh?

We’ve now got a fellow out on the internet flogging a “forex trade system” – apparently “the forex kong trade system” for sale as a downloadable product (video promo and all), assuring unknowing buyers “obscene riches” – at the simple press of a button.

What is it that they say….”imitation is the ultimate form of flattery”?

Much appreciated dunce.Keep it up – as your efforts are futile.

Could you imagine my readers / followers falling for something so ridiculous?

Yes that’s right a “forex kong system” – there for you at the very press of a button.No commentary, no analysis, no fundamentals, zip…..just “click here to download – get rich”.

Can you even imagine???

I’ll have squashed this moron’s attempt to “ride our coat tails” with this single blog post and encourage all of you to just ignore it. The internet is a battle ground equally as brutal as markets themselves and you know me – I will not sit idle a second. It’s Sunday night, and this post will pass as many more to follow that you may equally disregard.

I need to stake my claim! A forex kong system for download / sale? Please…..give it up man.

Gimme a break.