Forex, Stocks And Gold – Trading The Week Ahead

The updates trade table offers little in the way of “new trades” here as of this morning, as last Thursday’s “drop” and in turn Friday’s “pop” has left the higher time frames unchanged, and more or less “yellowed the waters” shorter term.




What may be of particular interest to you this week will be USD, and “yes once again” the debate as to which way she’ll go ( with conviction and follow through ) should we see this distribution environment “flip” to something with a little more trend / conviction either way.

We’ve got JPY and its related pairs under the thumb, with eyes on Nikkei if considering to “beef up / add ” to any positions under our current framework. Ideally we’ll want to see JPY “breakout” from it’s ascending triangle moving higher…as “appetite for risk” moves inversely lower.

NZD in particular remains weak here this morning, but Thursday brings with it “another possible rate hike” out of New Zealand. It’s my thinking perhaps they “hold off” on an additional hike here and perhaps markets have already suspected as much but….that’s just speculation.

Still no aggressive trades in EUR, GBP vs USD as I want to give it another day or so to see if  USD turns lower here as I expect it to.

A weak open here as Japan was weak overnight as well EU stocks so… remains to be seen of “the machine’s that be” will again step in at the U.S open and work their “usual magic” to keep this thing flying a little longer.

Comments from both The BIS ( Bank of International Settlements) as well the IMF “AND” even The Fed suggesting that it’s getting a little out of hand here – with public perception and the underlying fundamentals now clearly out of touch with reality.

Gold miners entries as of a few days ago remain strong, and the final “short SP 500” added at 1956.00 ( via Sept 191 puts ) appears to be holding its own.


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Profits Keep Coming – Trading Thru The Chop

A very interesting day here ( so far this morning ) with commodity related currencies running out of steam “just” as equities pop. Hmmmmm……

Short The Canadian Dollar is looking fantastic here via long USD/CAD as well short CAD/JPY at these levels. with the long GBP/AUD ( suggested some days ago ) now several hundred pips in profit.

We’ve exited both long EUR/USD as well short USD/CHF this morning, after taking profits in long GBP/USD ( 200 pip gain there ) some days ago.

Otherwise…..patiently waiting for AUD as well to a certain extent NZD – to make their turns.

Please pull a weekly chart of AUD/USD and have a peak at the “candle” forming as we speak – as well the continued “downward sloping RSI”.

The chop has been tough on many, but continues to provide many profitable trades…’ve just got to be willing to do a little extra work….and be very, very patient.

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Swing High – On The Old Nikkei

Most of you know that I follow Japan as a leading indicator right?

It’s not at all uncommon to pull prophecy from “Krystal Kong Balls” seeing what happens in Japan overnight spill into U.S equities the following morning.

Would I have told any day trader in U.E Equities that “today” would open lower? Absolutely.

Would I suggest that 15,000 in Nikkei and it’s clear rejection at that level will usher in the coming correction? Absolutely.

Will you take any interest in this, and possibly “learn something” or perhaps consider this in your trading / investing moving forward?

Absolutely not. I highly HIGHLY doubt, that the ramblings of some gorilla as to the peaks and valley’s in “some stock market” far,far away will have any impact on you and your trading what so ever.


Because you won’t open yourself to change. You “can’t believe” anything like this is relevant, let alone “possible” as you continue to view the world via CNBC and the hordes of “financial bloggers” regurgitating the same nonsense and “predictions” day after day.

I’m buying a bunch of EURO here today and am selling a whole bunch of USD too but I’m sure “that” makes no sense to you either right?

Here’s the symbol for The Nikkei should you crawl decide to crawl outside your hole: $nikk




Trading The Months Ahead – A Plan In Place

I can feel it in my fingertips.

We’ve worked very hard to not only stay “reasonably safe” these past few weeks, but also make a couple winning trades as well. I can assure – that’s a lot more than one can say for the many who’ve likely been “torn to bits” during this difficult time.

It’s time to put together a medium term plan that “should” have us nail the next “two moves ( taking us out as far as early September ) – where we will then find ourselves in an even better position. I plan on nailing “the third move” then.

I’m going to use the SP 500 ( and it’s correlation to USD ) as a “risk barometer” first…then move to the specifics of which currency pairs we will use to execute the plan.

I’m very confident that SP 1950 ( or so ) and Dow 16,950 ( with Nikkei here at 15,000 ) will mark our “top”, and see one important “turn” for us to be very well aware of coming only a few short weeks ahead. You’ll want to be prepared, and you’ll want to be ready as….I plan on nailing this big time.



The chart and the arrows say it all, as there is really no point debating the “fundamental reasons”. It’s simple. We are headed lower for all the reasons sighted here over the past few months, but “even at that” these next few months will likely leave both bulls and bears scratching their heads looking for the answers. It will still appear “flat” until the larger “sustained move lower” comes in early Sept.

I believe the global macro fundamentals will “finally” match up with the technicals “after” we get this “final rinse” over with this summer. I believe the U.S is already back in ( in fact never left ) recession, and that whatever other “explination” is found in the media over the coming weeks – it really won’t make a difference. Blame it on E.U. Blame it on slowing China. Blame it on war in Ukraine. It doesn’t matter. What matters is trading it effectively.



Short and sweet here.

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The Turn – Draghi And I Can Taste It!

You can almost taste it can’t you?

Every single chart you view / analyze sitting “right on the cusp” – with just a “tiny push needed” to put this thing into the “golden zone”.

Draghi should provide that for us on Thursday when markets “finally understand” that Mario Draghi and the European Central Bank will not participate in the ridiculous “currency devaluation practices” put in motion by both Japan and The United States.

If a piddly “interest rate cut” is actually in the cards….it’s more than already priced in, and the idea of “massive dilution / bond buying” etc is completely and totally absurd.

Germany runs the show in the E.U, as the only country with an economy worth a damn.

Draghi can’t “act” on behalf of a dozen countries, as there “is” no European bond….and he “can’t legally” devaluate the Euro.

Christ…..imagine if Canada and Mexico where ever foolish enough to allow / agree to a “North American unified currency” with the U.S Fed at the helm?? He he he…..impossible. Speaking on behalf of “both” countries….. I know for certain – the people are much smarter than that.

Wait til U.S stocks are literally “chopped in half” and then imagine what that money printing solved. Bahhh! Nada.Zip.

So we sit patiently for yet another 24 hours. I’m cool with that.

Draghi is “once again” getting ready to to do what he does best.

Absolutely nothing.

The pool of saliva on my trade terminal widens as it’s getting difficult now to even touch the keys without gloves on.

Gross I know but……..isn’t this market just disgusting anyway?


Intraday Charts – Like Kids With Crayons

You can’t get down on yourself during times like these.

You’ve studied every “technical analysis” known to man, may it be “cycle theory” or “elliot wave” or “fib trading” whatever……yet things still aren’t lining up. You still can’t seem to “time this” and generate winning trades on a consistent basis well…….

You can’t get down on yourself during times like these.

Intraday charts currently look like they’re being created by a group of small children with a couple of boxes of crayons! A real mess to say the least, and hardly what I’d call “works of art”.

As traders you’ve got to learn to recognize when market “just aren’t behaving” in a rational manner, and adjust your trading accordingly. You can’t get down on yourself and throw into question everything you’ve work so hard to learn times – It’s not you!

The market is at an inflection point. Period.

You need to step back. Keep yourself protected and learn from this….as you’ll be more than prepared for the next time.

Don’t let this thing get the best of you.

It’s important to recognize these are “unprecedented times”! Markets are nuts for a reason because for the most part……no one has a freakin clue what’s coming next. The entire thing “hangs in the balance” of Central Bank intervention and the realities of slowing global growth.

Not exactly an “ideal environment” for the new trader, in fact it’s a terrible environment for any trader! If you can’t step back and see the larger picture….then the “smaller pictures” will continue to confound. This is not a time to be “practicing”. This is not a time to be “taking chances”.

When I go fishing, I generally get up pretty early, but I don’t even bother loading the truck if it’s pissing down rain right? You don’t go “scuba diving” during a hurricane do you?

This is no different.  Forest from the trees type stuff – you know.

Sunday’s weekly report on tap this weekend, as well the daily strategies, trading table and intraday commentary and trading full steam ahead. Check us out in the members area and take a break over the weekend. Next week promises to be a whopper.

Selling At The Close? – So We'll See

The usual “Monday morning ramp job” on no news, and in fact “bad news” as far as the boys in Washington would be concerned. Let’s see if this get’s sold – particularly in the afternoon.

The referendum results in Easter Ukraine stand to suggest “overwhelming support” to indeed separate / seek independence  from the “Washington agenda” in Kiev. If you still don’t quite see the significance and importance of Ukraine from a geopolitical / economical / standpoint I’d do a little poking around and read up a bit. It’s all very interesting.

Washington’s plans to take the country – now thwarted, as the people of Eastern Ukraine have now made it very, very clear. No thanks Washington… can take your war mongering somewhere else.

The “long USD” trade suggested some days ago has been treating us very well, perhaps surprising a number of “non believers”, with thought in mind that USD is toast, and that “Russia and China” are currently “selling USD” as means to retaliate against sanctions.

Ridiculous. If Russia and/or China wanted to do anything to hurt The United States why not “buy USD” and sell Equities? Killing The U.S from both sides of the current “ponzi pond”.

Upward pressure in USD ( as we’ll be seeing over the medium term ) crushes The U.S Government under that huge pile of debt, slams interest rates higher, kills corporate borrowing and drives equity values lower.

I’m looking for significant moves higher in USD in the medium term.

Trades long USD obviously already in great shape here, with lots of room to run.

Can Yellen Save The Dollar? – Why Would She?

I expect U.S Equities to roll over here and continue on their way down.

Perhaps some imagine that Yellen will have something to say this morning to “once again” pull markets back from the impending sell off – but I don’t.

If anything I would more so envision the “opposite” as….if there is anything Yellen “needs to say”  it’s something to save the U.S Dollar from falling much further.

This is very thin ice USD is walking on down here…very thin as the rest of the planet really won’t stand to see this thing ( and their billions of useless USD toilet paper stacked in reserve ) go down much further.

the opposite effect of this falling dollar has been “killing the EU Zone” with a rising EUR as well the U.K, New Zealand etc – all getting a little fed up with seeing their own currencies “flying higher” ( and killing export opportunities ) while the U.S devaluation continues.

And don’t kid yourself…the “QE” hasn’t changed in the slightest as it’s only a couple of numbers typed on a computer ( the tapering whatever ) with no “actual real world application”.

A couple of numbers on a couple of screens at the U.S Fed and Treasury Dept to keep the media spin going. That’s it .

Means nothing.

Perhaps a “tiny hint” that interest rates may rise sooner than later will do it….but then again The Fed “just told you” that won’t happen. Or was it the week before they said it “might”?

Or not? The Fed “loves” a lower dollar…it’s everyone else that doesn’t.

These people are literally “winging it” here day-to-day in a continued effort to rid you of your cash.

I’m tuning in to watch.


Conviction Market Call – Where To Next?

Speculation as to “where markets are going next” is running rampid across the various forex, stock trading, news outlets and financial blogs these days, with a pretty equal split between both the bulls and the bears.

And for good reason as….It’s an absolute meat grinder out there.

This being said “caution” is likely the best suggestion anyone can make while markets continue to “sit on the fence” but you know…’ve really got to “go with something” as lack of conviction won’t really do much for you either.

Reducing position size or going to a cash position is never the wrong thing to do, so there’s always that….but again – we’re looking to “make some money here” so if it’s a bit of “hard work that’s required” well then?….We’re gonna do it!

I’m going to simplify and keep this short.

The largest QE program on the planet ( coming out of Japan )  is currently doing “nothing” to elevate Japanese stocks as the Nikkei “will” continue to fall here. This is significant in that…if the QE money isn’t doing it anymore ( as well consider the QE money in the U.S now evaporating monthly ) what on Earth would it take to continue pushing higher?



I believe that the “near term” wind has certainly come out of the sails, as U.S “momo names” have also taken their “first leg down”, with Twitter cut in half ( from 75.00 – 37.50 ) and Yelp soon to follow.

The analysis / theory is simple…..just follow the money.

Who’s printing the most money? Where’s that money going?

Do you seriously think the “world at large” is rushing to the “supposed safety” of U.S Bonds for anything more than a short-term trade?

I don’t….wait – I do……..wait ( U.S Bonds are gonna top out here pronto ).

These things take time yes. It’s a grind yes, but there are many excellent trades setting up for those who are patient, and for those willing to do a little work.

I remain short the Australian Dollar ( risk currency ) as well am keeping a very watchful eye on all JPY pairs as these “will” move fast and hard with further weakness coming in Japanese stocks.

I continue to look for a stronger US Dollar on the “repatriation trade” and see us at a significant turning point here. Should USD fall lower it will only mean the trade has been “put off” a touch longer as much further weakness in USD will have some larger “ripple effects” with our friends across the pond.

I don’t believe the U.S can allow USD ( if they can really help it remains to be seen ) to fall much further without risking a serious, serious knock to whatever credibility it still has left.

Lots of great stuff on tap this week, so good luck everyone!





Intraday Rinse Job – No One Wins

Why are you evening trying?

Assume the fetal position underneath your bed, and just stay there until this thing passes over.

Oh I mean passes “lower”.

Another complete “intraday rinse job” for those poor souls attempting to win back their paper profits, and continue maxing out their credit cards on shit martini’s and over priced parking.

Perhaps you’ll have a better understanding of this a couple of “big fat red candles” down the road.

What can I suggest?

Gimme a break. It’s “been” suggested.

You’re on your own now.