Selling At The Close? – So We'll See

The usual “Monday morning ramp job” on no news, and in fact “bad news” as far as the boys in Washington would be concerned. Let’s see if this get’s sold – particularly in the afternoon.

The referendum results in Easter Ukraine stand to suggest “overwhelming support” to indeed separate / seek independence  from the “Washington agenda” in Kiev. If you still don’t quite see the significance and importance of Ukraine from a geopolitical / economical / standpoint I’d do a little poking around and read up a bit. It’s all very interesting.

Washington’s plans to take the country – now thwarted, as the people of Eastern Ukraine have now made it very, very clear. No thanks Washington… can take your war mongering somewhere else.

The “long USD” trade suggested some days ago has been treating us very well, perhaps surprising a number of “non believers”, with thought in mind that USD is toast, and that “Russia and China” are currently “selling USD” as means to retaliate against sanctions.

Ridiculous. If Russia and/or China wanted to do anything to hurt The United States why not “buy USD” and sell Equities? Killing The U.S from both sides of the current “ponzi pond”.

Upward pressure in USD ( as we’ll be seeing over the medium term ) crushes The U.S Government under that huge pile of debt, slams interest rates higher, kills corporate borrowing and drives equity values lower.

I’m looking for significant moves higher in USD in the medium term.

Trades long USD obviously already in great shape here, with lots of room to run.

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  1. Wim May 12, 2014 / 2:14 pm

    Equity shorts burned again on a massive squeeze; no one will be selling at teh close today ’cause tomorrow’s Tuesday.

  2. Bob Loukas - Poly (@BobLoukas) May 12, 2014 / 5:06 pm

    Nice trade on the USD Kong. I too see plenty of strength in the short term. Not sure we’ve seen the lows in 2014 though.

    • Forex Kong May 12, 2014 / 6:20 pm

      Thank you sir.

      It’s always tough being a little early on these things….and as you’ve suggested – it’s still a toss up on the “lows of 2014” but one must say…..that’s as strong a move as any we’ve seen in a while and lined up well with some fundamental factors as well.

      Good for a trade in my books as I love to “look as far out as I can”, but trade what I’ve got in front of me.

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