A Race For The Bottom – Who Cares Who Wins

There will be no discussion of the “potencial outcomes and implications” of the U.S elections results here….short of this. Obama wins hands down, and the entire planet breathes a huge sigh of relief  that the U.S didn’t revert back to the previous policies/leadership that put them in this position in the first place. Trust me, political views aside (myself being Canadian and now living in Mexico – go figure) global financial markets are not interested in ” upsetting the apple cart” of continued money printing and easing – now being adopted worldwide.

Nothing will change regardless of the outcome – as the wheels are now set in motion for the endless printing of dollars ( and Euro…and Yen etc..) as the global  “race for the bottom”  – begins to pick up speed.

At risk of sounding like a broken record – as the value of the U.S dollar continues to fall – gold/silver ( and the commodity related currencies ) stand to be the largest benefactors – as money gets cheaper……..and “things” become more expensive.

Last I looked  – I believe its called inflation.

Watch for real time trading here  – via the twitter feed on the right hand column. I expect the week to be “profitable”….. to say the least.


An Absolutely "Golden Opportunity".

Quietly……As “Hurricane Sandy” plots her assault on the Atlantic Coast of the United States – the dollar also plots its course for the 200 day moving average.

I´ve been watching patiently as the last winds of this “dollar rally” blow hard towards (the now flat) 200 day moving average….and now….only a few short gusts away  – the storm has arrived!

Coupled with the recently announced “QE to Infinity” – one would have to assume this to be “certain death” to the dollar – and an absolute “Golden Opportunity” – to not only get short the buck – but to buy gold (and related stocks if that’s your thing) hand over fist!

I will be buying gold here (likely through the miners).

I will begin building several positions “short the U.S buck” as well Yen – against a basket of several currencies….as I look to  “RISK ON”  taking hold  in coming days.