Mom Knows Best – Get Outside

The pack fo dogs that had taken up residence across the street appears to have moved on. It’s much cooler here now, and the majority of Mexican families enjoying the last of their summer vacations, are also leaving  – in exchange for the steady stream of  “sun seeking retirees” now seen dotting the beach. There are fewer children now…their playful laughter will be missed.

My mother tells me that I need to find balance, and not spend my life staring at this confounded computer…she always knows best. Over the years I’ve come to recognize the importance of this – despite having incredible difficulty putting it into practice..I do try.I do try to find “balance”.

Often trading can become “all-consuming” for those of us who so enjoy the challenge. Day after day the constant battle, the math, the pressure, the flood of emotion accompanying every success or failure. The joy – the pain. So the importance of “getting away from it all”  and clearing ones head – cannot be understated.

The sea turtles are waiting. Their calming presence – a gift.

Find the time to get away from the screen – as we all know – come Monday…….the wolves will be waiting.