Thinking About Zinc? – Zinc One Inc.

If you’ve yet to consider an investment in zinc. I strongly suggest you “zinc again”.

Zinc the element itself, and zinc related names have been absolutely on fire since January 2016 – rising an incredible 87%! Thankfully prices have only just recently pulled back to a major area of support – providing an absolutely incredible investment opportunity in zinc and zinc related names.

Its “buy time” for Zinc One Resources Inc.  (TSX.V: Z)

You don’t want to miss the next leg up in Zinc One Resources, as the company is set for lift off on the back of recent studies suggesting that zinc could one day replace lithium in batteries! That’s right – zinc could potentially “replace lithium” in batteries. The zinc batteries are much less expensive to produce, safer and have incredibly high storage capacity.

Zinc One is set to take full advantage of these exciting new advancements in technology. 

Zinc One Now At 200 MA

Zinc One Now At 200 MA

The stock is ridiculously oversold, as the underlying asset has also pulled back to the well known area of support – The 200 Day Moving Average. The MACD and RSI also suggest ridiculously oversold levels, and we always look to “buy in the red” then “sell in the green”.

Zinc could be the next big thing in batteries. A real game changer for the renewable/rechargeable energy market dominated by smartphones, tablets, laptops and electric cars, and an incredible investment opportunity moving forward.

Zinc One Resources Inc. is a Vancouver based company focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of prospective and advanced world-class zinc projects, with active properties in Peru and a recent acquisition of Forrester Metals. Zinc One’s stock (TSX.V: Z) has already tripled since the middle of 2016 and now, after a long-awaited pullback is set to make its next run higher.

Huge upside expected as Zinc One rides the waves of dramatically increased demand, into a future where zinc gets its tech on.

Often overlooked as just another commodity, zinc also plays a major role in construction as more than half the zinc that is mined is used for the galvanization of other metals such as steel and iron. Large quantities of zinc are used to produce die-castings, which are important in the automobile, electrical and hardware industries, and zinc is also used in the creation of alloys such as brass, nickel silver and aluminium solder.

If Zinc One Resources Inc. isn’t already a part of your investment portfolio, you’ll want to take full advantage of the current buying opportunity. I can’t imagine the stock remains at these levels for much longer.

Zinc One Resources Inc. (TSXV:Z) recently acquired the Bongará zinc oxide deposit and the adjacent Charlotte Bongará zinc oxide project through a takeover of Forrester Metals, which briefly held the properties since last October. The $18-million cash and share deal has been approved by shareholders and the Toronto Venture Exchange.

It’s an extremely high-grade deposit, we have yet to find one that’s better, sitting on surface”: Zinc One Resources President CEO Jim Walchuk

It’s the first time the two projects have been controlled by a single operator and thus offers a unique opportunity to delineate a substantial high-grade, zinc-oxide resource along a 4 kilometre-long trend, states Zinc One.

It’s clear the stage is set. Zinc is poised for a major move up, as new discoveries in the tech and agricultural worlds push this versatile mineral to new highs. Zinc may soon find itself right along side other valuable resources like lithium, silver or even gold, and Zinc One Resources Inc stands to out as a sure winner in the space.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get yourself in on the ground floor.

Think zinc!

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