So Much To Say – So Little Time

You can look at this “8 million ways to Sunday” – and still sit back at the end of the day wondering…. if you’ve got a freakin clue as to what’s really going on. I feel for you, and to a certain extent share your pain. It’s hard work  no question….as the “risk vs reward”  should have most people running for the hills – not jumping into markets. Yet here we are day in and day out……searching for returns.

I’m up a piddly 3% on the day (and the month for that matter) – as it’s been tough out there. The easy money “trending environment”  has quickly morphed into its evil brother the “meat grinder” – as my afternoon’s sipping high end mezcal, and swimming with sea turtles takes a back seat to “grinding it out” in front of the computer screen.

Well…..not this time.

A valued reader recently asked me why I don’t like “sideways action” – as there are trade opportunities abound,  should one choose to “nickel and dime it” in the trenches of smaller time frames and ranging currency pairs.  Psychologically – I really don’t care for that. I’ve learned to step on the gas in the straight aways……and ride the brakes through the corners.

Most importantly  – we all need to find what works for us. No one is right. No one is “better than the other” as the “trading experience” is unique to every individual.

Finding your “own way” is an important step in becoming successful.

I’m still of the mind set this is setting up for the “blow off top” and likely see a couple weeks holiday in my immediate future as I’ll take it for what it’s worth…and trade sharp as a knife.




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