Keep An Open Mind – Each To Their Own

I hate to break it to you – but all is not what it seems.

I have tremendous respect for those who find strength and value in religion – all be it your beloved Kong is not a religous man. Considering how many years I’ve spent in various Latin American countries, believe me when I tell you….this has lead to more than few “extremely heated” debates, not to mention  the occasional tussle,  and even an instance where several womens shoes where thrown at me – high velocity style.

Trust me… don’t mess with Jesus – in Colombia.

I have my views…. as you do yours, and considering the amazing diversity of culture and religion on this planet – mutual respect and an open mind generally does the trick. To each his own.

That being said – I present to you, similarities in the story of Horus, an Egyptian “sky god” worshipped several thousand years before the time of Jesus and the stories of our modern day bible. Let me reiterate – The Egyptians very well documented writings of Horus predate the bible by SEVERAL THOUSAND YEARS. Stories from the life of Horus had been circulating for centuries before Jesus birth (circa 4 to 7 BCE). Check out this “side by side” comparison – and I will leave it for you to ponder.



Yeshua of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus

Conception:By a virgin.By a virgin. 
Father:Only begotten son of the God Osiris.Only begotten son of Yehovah (in the form of the Holy Spirit).
Mother:Meri. Miriam (a.k.a. Mary).
Foster father:Seb, (Jo-Seph). Joseph.
Foster father’s ancestry:Of royal descent.Of royal descent.
Birth location:In a cave.In a cave or stable.
Annunciation:By an angel to Isis, his mother.By an angel to Miriam, his mother. 
Birth heralded by:The star Sirius, the morning star.An unidentified “star in the East.
Birth date:Ancient Egyptians paraded a manger and child representing Horus through the streets at the time of the winter solstice (typically DEC-21).Celebrated on DEC-25. The date was chosen to occur on the same date as the birth of Mithra, Dionysus and the Sol Invictus (unconquerable Sun), etc.
Birth announcement:By angels.By angels. 
Birth witnesses:Shepherds.Shepherds. 
Later witnesses to birth:Three solar deities.Three wise men. 
Death threat during infancy:Herut tried to have Horus murdered.Herod tried to have Jesus murdered.
Handling the threat:The God That tells Horus’ mother “Come, thou goddess Isis, hide thyself with thy child.An angel tells Jesus’ father to: “Arise and take the young child and his mother and flee into Egypt.
Rite of passage ritual:Horus came of age with a special ritual,  when his eye was restored.Taken by parents to the temple for what is today called a bar mitzvah ritual.
Age at the ritual:1212
Break in life history:No data between ages of 12 & 30.No data between ages of 12 & 30.
Baptism location:In the river Eridanus.In the river Jordan.
Age at baptism:30.30.
Baptized by:Anup the Baptiser.John the Baptist.
Subsequent fate of the baptiser:Beheaded.Beheaded.
Temptation:Taken from the desert of Amenta up a high mountain by his arch-rival Sut. Sut (a.k.a. Set) was a precursor for the Hebrew Satan.Taken from the desert in Palestine up a high mountain by his arch-rival Satan.
Result of temptation:Horus resists temptation.Jesus resists temptation.
Close followers:Twelve disciples.Twelve disciples.
Activities:Walked on water, cast out demons, healed the sick, restored sight to the blind. He “stilled the sea by his power.”Walked on water, cast out demons, healed the sick, restored sight to the blind. He ordered the sea with a “Peace, be still” command.
Raising of the dead:Horus raised Osirus, his dead father,  from the grave. Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave.
Location where the resurrection miracle occurred:Anu, an Egyptian city where the rites of the death, burial and resurrection of Horus were enacted annually.10Hebrews added their prefix for house (‘beth“) to “Anu” to produce “Beth-Anu” or the “House of Anu.” Since “u” and “y” were interchangeable in antiquity, “Bethanu” became “Bethany,” the location mentioned in John 11.
Origin of Lazarus’ name in the Gospel of John:ÂAsar was an alternative name for Osirus, Horus’ father, who Horus raised from the dead. He was referred to as “the Asar,” as a sign of respect. Translated into Hebrew, this is “El-Asar.” The Romans added the prefix “us” to indicate a male name, producing “Elasarus.” Over time, the “E” was dropped and “s” became “z,” producing “Lazarus.“ 
Transfigured:On a mountain.On a high mountain.
Key address(es):Sermon on the Mount.Sermon on the Mount; Sermon on the Plain.
Method of deathBy crucifixion.By crucifixion.
Accompanied by:Two thieves.Two thieves.
BurialIn a tomb.In a tomb.
Fate after death:Descended into Hell; resurrected after three days.Descended into Hell; resurrected after about 30 to 38 hours (Friday PM to presumably some time in Sunday AM) covering parts of three days.
Resurrection announced by:Women.Women.
Future:Reign for 1,000 years in the Millennium.Reign for 1,000 years in the Millennium. 

Has Canada Topped? – TSX Weak

I’ve done a bit of work over the weekend and wanted to show you the similarities in stock markets “crashes” in both the U.S and Canada.

Below  is a 25 year chart of the SP 500.You can clearly see, the current level is the absolute best the SP500 could do over the past 25 years. Not even with the invention of the most sophisticated and influential communications device man has ever created (The Internet) back in 2000, coupled with massive employment, massive corporate earnings and massive global growth could the S&P push past its current level around 1550 – 1600. What on earth could possibly be the driver now?



Now have a look at Canada’s “TSX” over the same time period, and notice something concerning. The TSX has not participated in this last “blow off top” run that the SP500 is currently experiencing as (in my humble view ) it’s purely been fabricated by the Fed’s massive liquidity injection of 85 billion dollars per month.

Canada’s TSX Index is already showing signs of weakness in not even reaching the previous 2008 highs. It appears to be rolling over.



Previous crashes where from 11,000 – 6,000 and again in 2008 from 14,000 to 8,000. Ouch. It took nearly 6 years to recover the levels from the 2000 crash, and so far nearly 6 years later – the TSX has still not  recovered the levels from the 2008 crash.

Considering that a large majority of Canadian stocks are resource and commodity related, one could argue that these companies may exhibit some resilience  ( and /or even prosper ) in the face of a falling US dollar, and flows into gold and the precious metals. Although if history provides any lessons here – fear is fear, a crash is a crash – and as U.S equities go….. Canada may not be far behind.

Certainly something to keep an eye on.



QE5 Coming – Fed Will Print Even More

When you really stop and think about it – so far the “Fed’s Quantitative Easing” has done very little for the U.S economy, short of inflate the price of stocks. Last week’s unemployment claims numbers came in considerably higher than expected with 357,000 new claims for the week ending March 23rd.

Stop for just one minute……… and seriously think about that number again.

357,000 people in the Unites States of America filed applications for unemployment benefits last week! With essentially the same number of  people filing the week before that, the week before that – and oh yes…the week before that. It’s truly mind-boggling.

With interest rates already at 0% there’s nothing else that can be done there. Stocks are now at all time highs with very little upside opportunity left there – and now with every other country on the planet devaluing their currencies to promote exports, the U.S efforts to weaken the dollar (with the printing of 85 billion per month) has barely made a dint!

As absolutely insane as it sounds there is really no other option.

QE5 is coming, as the Fed will find some way to justify printing more, and more, and more, and more……….

I’ve inserted the following video (it’s a 24 minute interview) with Jim Rickards the author of “Currency Wars” – he explains things very well. It’s the long weekend so….perhaps sneak away and find a little time for yourself, crack a cold one and have a listen.

Going Short – A Difficult Trade

I have been struggling with “going short” all week. Not in the conventional manner as in “selling a stock short” – but more so with consideration to “getting short” on risk.

For the most part “long trades” are considered bullish and are taken when traders feel that markets (and risk) are going to move higher – where as “short trades” are bearish and are taken when traders feel markets are making a turn to the downside. There are many ways to play it – through inverse or bearish ETF’s or possibly through the purchase of instruments that perform well in times of risk aversion (many feel that gold is a good play in this instance).

Via currencies I have chosen to “buy JPY” as it is considered a safe haven currency – and is generally bought during times of risk aversion. Any way you cut it, the idea being that investors would be seeking safety – and that “going short” would be the trade of choice.

This has not been easy.

Markets have traded within a very tight range (sideways) for nearly two full weeks! And regardless of some great intra day trades and profits (which I’ve had to work very hard at) it’s been near impossible to hold on to any position of size for more than a couple of hours or so – before it’s either back to break even, or worse – going against me.

My indicators ( and my gut ) keep me on the short side regardless. I will endure this mornings barrage of U.S based news and evaluate from there.

I’ve layered in to a couple of long JPY trades here over the past 24 hours that will either make me a great deal of money or (at the worst) cost me 2% of my account (not bad considering I’m up over 4% on the week anyway) so…..

Stay tuned for some fireworks.

Getting short…and “staying short” – is a very, very difficult trade.

Take Profits – There Is Always A Trade

If I didn’t take profits as often as I do – I seriously doubt I’d be this far ahead. There are few worse feelings than seeing a trade go well into profit, waking up the next morning to see – that not only has the profit evaporated, but the trade has actually gone against you. Volatility in forex trading  can be an absolute killer (not to mention greed) – so when profits are sitting on the table…’ve got to learn to take them.

Take the long JPY trades over the past 24 hours for example. I went short CAD/JPY (so…looking for JPY to gain strength against CAD) and caught a 100 pip move over a 4 hour period. That’s what I call a really nice trade.

Seeing the “waterfall” type selling pressure in the pair, I knew from experience that this type of market behavior doesn’t “last forever” and would likely be followed with a bounce in the opposite direction. I exited the trade with a full 100 pips profit with absolutely no concern as to “what I might miss” in further downside movement – if I’d remained in the trade.

Here we are a full 24 hours later – and the pair has 100% completely retraced the entire 100 pips from yesterday.

Take Profits Often When Trading Forex

Take Profits Often When Trading Forex

You can never go wrong taking profits – never. As well, by keeping yourself relatively nimble you are also equipped to take additional trades or (such as in this case) re-enter the same trade at even better levels.

Learning to distinguish “when/where” to do this does take practice, but if you keep in mind that you are continually growing your account balance as well as limiting your exposure in the markets – taking profits often (very often) should become a regular part of your daily trading.

I rarely leave money sitting on the table – as there is always another trade. Take the money – call it a trade ( a good trade ) and get back out there with a little more gas in the tank.

Japanese Stocks – JPY Correlation

The typical correlation between the value of a given markets equities, and the value of its local currency is pretty well illustrated here. The Nikkei has come along way – and as I expect JPY to take a bounce, one can only assume it’s likely time for a correction in Japanese stocks as well.

The chart below is weekly – and the horizontal line of support and resistance should be drawn with a “crayola crayon” not a laser pointer. When viewing a weekly chart one has to keep in mind that a “turn” doesn’t happen overnight. Imagine even one or two more candles tucked up there around these price levels  – and you’re already looking out to mid April.

Nikkei Close To Correction

Nikkei Close To Correction

At times  – some of my trades take weeks to develop, and then even longer to pay off ( all be it… pay off well ). For those seeking “instant gratification” when trading foreign exchange – perhaps you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Finding the opportunities is one thing – being able to effectively trade them is another.

It’s been a real grind sideways in the majority of the JPY pairs over the past couple weeks, and the trade has tested me on several occasions. With volatility at extremes and a lack of clarity in market direction – JPY certainly hasn’t “taken off for the moon” on this expected move higher. As outlined in the chart above – the probability of a substancial move remains. 

Filter The News – Find What Matters

You people have been reading here long enough to know – I am a fundamental trader at heart. My success – rooted in my general interests in the global economy (not some little piddly lil stock market) and my ability to discern “WTF is going on” at any given time. Filtering the news plays a big part.

Day in and day out, we are inundated with more headlines and news flashes than we know what to do with – not to mention the fact that much of this news is conflicting, bias, or outright nonsense. What’s a trader to do when faced with such a barrage of misleading and conflicting information? You need to find the story – “behind the story”.

Take Cyprus for example. Most of you likely hadn’t heard “jack squat” of this tiny little country until a few short days ago. It’s GDP is ant sized, and its influence on the global stage – a speck.

Did you consider it’s relationship with Russia? Did you consider the implications of an EU country being supported and even “bailed out” by a sovereign country outside the EU Zone? A country with considerable interests in the massive offshore gas reserves of Cyprus, a country with direct ties with not only China – but also Iran? – likely not.

The real story here, is the same ol story of “east vs west” – not of EU Zone meltdown (although this is currently in progress as well) – and as the news would have many racing to short EUR/USD – I’d be  more inclined to take the other side of that trade.

previous article: “Long EUR/USD At 1.3170 – Watch Me”

We’ll see how things unfold here this evening as the Cyprus deal hits its deadline. I’m certainly in no rush to touch EUR as I generally stay away from this POS all together. EUR/USD traders need to keep in mind – it’s a forex broker’s dream, with promise of low spreads, easy trending characteristics etc….as every newbie on the block takes a crack at it.

Dear Future Forex Kong – Nice Work

Dear “future” Forex Kong,

Obviously if you are reading this – the spaceship finally came together. You, your family and your “little Mayan friends” are all at safe distance, and you where smart enough to buy all the physical gold and silver  you could carry  – back in the Spring of 2013.

I can also assume that your hunch on China’s impact on the global economy and the currency markets came to fruition, that there is a stack of “renminbi” sitting on your dashboard, and that your Mandarin (官话) is now even better than your Spanish. Knowing you as I do – it’s unlikely you’ll have changed much with consideration to how you’ve lived your daily life these past 100 years or so………I expect that liver transplants have become the rage – and that your interests in Biotech, robotics and nano-technology have also served you well.

If you still aren’t married and have no kids ( as not to have found someone that could tolerate the constant counting/tapping/humming/drawing/writing/pacing) well……….I guess we saw that one coming.

You stuck to your guns, you didn’t give up – and before the Mexican authorities could grab you… finally got that damn thing off the rooftop.

Nice work.

I wanted to re post this article on “patience” as it comes to mind often in my trading. At times when you may be frustrated or confused about market direction – it’s often a good idea to just step back and consider “patience…..patience….patience”.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Inside The IMF – Cyprus Is Russia

You are aware that as of Sept 6, 2012 Russia has agreed to sell as much oil to China as they care to purchase – outside the use of the “U.S dollar” right?

Some believe that both countries are also hoarding as much gold as they can as well  – in preparation for a new trade system outside the use of U.S dollars.

According to the World Gold Council, Russia has more than doubled its gold reserves in the past five years. Putin has taken advantage of the financial crisis to build the world’s fifth-biggest gold pile in a handful of years, and is buying about half a billion dollars’ worth every month. As the U.S FED continues to print, countries in the East are moving further and further away from use of USD in trade. Can you really blame them?

I mean think about it. Why on earth should a person in China need to exchange the money in his pocket to USD  – before purchasing a barrel of oil from his neighboring country Russia?

In any case – Russia is  deeply invested in Cyprus ( with considerable interests in its offshore gas supplies, and billions of dollars sitting in Cyprus banks) not to mention the largest supplier of oil to Western Europe.

If Cyprus gets bailed out or assisted solely by Russia – this will be a massive slap in the face to the IMF – and would have significant geopolitical implications.

I’m no investigative journalist – but the more I dig the clearer the picture becomes.

No wonder the IMF is involved.