Kong Hits 100% Cash Target

I’ve done it.

Overnight I took a number of smaller trades looking to fill gaps in many of the JPY’s charts. A number of those paid off and I’ve also sold my remaining  “short USD”  trades for a small profit this morning as well. The point being – I have moved to 100% cash as per my trade plan, and am exactly where I want to be for the coming days.

To an active trader the feeling of being 100% cash is truly , TRULY remarkable….as you’ve “officially” extracted “x number of dollars” from that devil of a market, and are able to put your feet up a day or two and relax. I’m really not much for that  – but in this case, will certainly take a day to re-evaluate and not worry about open positions.

From a completely psychological perspective, the opportunity to step away from the market is a welcome gift. I would encourage anyone who is struggling or confused, or perhaps those who are  underwater in a position or two – to take the time to get away from it all…if only for a day or two.

In my case – a time for celebration, as to have survived yet another  – trading adventure.


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