Stick To Your Guns – Trade Safe

It’s been at least 4 days since my last post,  and If you missed / ignored it don’t worry – you haven’t missed a thing.

The “hammer formation” in the US Dollar lead to higher values as suggested, as well as higher equity prices ( again as suggested a few days prior ) now trading in tandem with USD. It’s right around this time that many investors feel “they must be missing out”  as equity prices “creep higher” against a continued background of deteriorating fundamentals.

Short of being a “master stock picker” ( and perhaps you are ) I can’t recommend chasing this – as the risk vs reward ratio more than favors safety above all else.

I’m back from a wonderful 3 days on “Isla Mujeres” and now back in the saddle. My short-term outlook has not changed a smidge – as I will now look to ” reload” short USD and long JPY as the week progresses.

With “divergence abound” I still favor “risk off” taking hold shortly – and will continue to position accordingly.

See you all out on the field. Let’s play safe.



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    • Forex Kong May 7, 2013 / 5:30 pm

      I do – although I must admit…..this thing is a complete pain in the ass to trade!

      I am currently short the pair, and really want to get aggressive with this one ( literally….a little “good ol fashion rivalry” ) looking for it to FINALLY break down.

      I will keep at it – and in all…….see .9828 as the goal “should” USD take this next leg down.

      It’s a stubborn trade – as USD continues to just “hang”…..I’m gonna keep on it – and be there when she breaks.

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