Commodities Moving Up – USD Down

Let’s continue looking out further – looking out longer term.

Let’s “get deep” if you will.

Simple questions. Simple principles. Simple facts.

What happens to the price of commodities if the value of USD goes down?

Am I seeing things? Or does nearly every single commodities future contract from orange juice to soy beans LOOK PRETTY FREAKIN GOOD RIGHT HERE?

Stop looking at the ridiculous stock market for a second and consider the direction things are headed?

Stop looking at the stock market for a minute!

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  1. tio June 3, 2013 / 10:17 pm

    what happen … then? gold will go up, silver too then AUD/JPY, NZD/JPY & CAD/JPY will go down and AUDUSD, NZD/USD will go up and last USD/CAD & USD/CHF will go down. Ohh … USD waterfall … when it will come ??

    • Forex Kong June 4, 2013 / 9:34 am


      You’re sounding a touch frantic here today! – Easy! easy!

      You’ve got the trades / pairs outlined very well – as further USD weakness would do 100% exactly what you’ve suggested.

      Now…..the tough part. Timing.

      I still feel quite strongly that we are going to see considerable downside action in USD throughout the coming summer months….however this only being June 4th – there is plenty of time for stocks / risk to take another shot at the highs (unfortunately) in this long, slow, grinding , evil , painful “topping process” we are currently involved in.

      Do I like it? I can’t stand it, as the volatility makes holding any position nearly impossible. It’s almost impossible to stay short, and it’s absolutely insane to consider buying – so what is one to do?

      Be patient. The time and place will present itself for those who’ve got the patience and the planning to capitalize.

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