Market Dynamics, Fishing – Short Term Trading

First off…..there really is no such thing as “short-term trading”.

Short term trading is a fantasy.

Sold to you much like “a get rich quick idea” or some sad example of “network marketing” where you the “client” exist purely as the client in your own mind – when actually fulfilling the role of “customer” in an industry that just sold you a dream.

You don’t get rich quick. You don’t “make easy money”. More like you “put down your money”, read a couple of forex “how to’s” – and BAM! You’ve been had.

So let’s get back to the fishing metaphor.

I can lend you my fishing rod. I could even be so kind as to take you down to a river I know….point you in the right direction,  and even help you out by suggesting a fly or two. (This is fly fishing boys….we’re artists here are we not?)

  • Do you care that the river’s a little high? Ya…it rained a lot last night. Ok…I didn’t think so.
  • Do you know “where to cast” ( as the fish hold in very specific areas along the river) ? Ok…I didn’t think so.
  • Have you ever been up past your knees in water moving “juuuuust a little faster than ya thought it might be?” Ok…I didn’t think so.
  • Have you considered “what you might actually do – should you get a bite?” Ok…I didn’t think so.

So………let me get this straight “you fancy yourself a short-term trader” then do you?


It takes years to read a river. It takes even longer to catch fish.

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  1. $tuart September 3, 2013 / 6:12 pm

    And after years & years & years of fishing and reading rivers and testing equipment and dreaming of having lots of fish for yoyr family – you turn around 15 years later and find the wife has left u, took the kids, the house and the dog with her. You completely missed your kids growing up – all because of the desire to have lots of fish.
    So, now you can fish like a grandmaster, you can pull fish anywhere from any river, you got more fish than you know what to do with – fishing brokers are offering u fishing jobs………..
    What a shame we so often get caught up in this fishing fever – that we forget what is REALLY important…..

    • Forex Kong September 3, 2013 / 6:20 pm


      You didn’t take the wife down to the river with you?

      Hey……a real life story or not, I hear what you’re saying.

      The “trading” can most certainly cut into family time / other commitments, and “chasing the bucks” is certainly not worth losing love etc….

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