Forex Strategies For Investors – Timing

I can’t help but say….I’m a little choked.

We’ve been over a number of key points here, when considering “taking a trade”, and now turn our focus to “making an investment” as essentially – a completely separate topic.

Anyone care to hazard a guess,  at one of the most important factors affecting each?

Hey! You got it!

Timing! Timing! Timing!

You can have all the fundamental knowledge in the world, as well possess the “ultimate technical know how” yet, if your timing sucks……………….sorry to say – you are sh/#&t outta luck.

Anyone making an “investment decision” without (at least ) “some” understanding or awareness of the “possible downside or risk” might as well just sign their account over to the brokerage and wait for the call – letting you know your account has been reduced to zero!

Have you lost your mind? With absolutely “no plan” for the “downside” what you are essentially saying to me is ” I bought a stock, and expect it to go up, up , up , and continue going up forever”.

Or at least….that’s what your broker told you, and believe me – he won’t be calling you to let you know anything otherwise.

Again – have you lost your mind?

This “isn’t investing” as clearly – the landscape has changed. Your broker and your bank are your enemy, and will stop at nothing to see you and your hard-earned nest egg “parted” as readily as possible.

This is 2013 people! You have the entire planet’s libraries at the push of a button!

If you can’t make an investment decision based in your “own knowledge” of a given asset’s performance over time ( and in turn “some idea” of its peaks and valleys / areas of support and resistance) then WTF?

How can you see an area to take profits? How would you know an area to “cut your losses” should things go “that far” against you?

How can you honestly say you’ve got “any idea at all” as to what you’re even involved with – short of putting your entire “nest egg/investment dollars etc ” into the hands of an institution whose soul goal is to extract it from you?


More on timing next…………

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  1. schmederlings September 29, 2013 / 2:56 pm

    Hey Dr. Kong….. LOL your so right… the common excuse I receive for others is time….. when I here that I have to chuckle & hard at that…. if you cant afford a little time for your own money they well one deserves to lost it….. IMO…. & yes we have all this data at our figure tips & at such speeds it amazes me at times…… I can look up a car issue – ( Off topic ) on my laptop – investigate the repair & take my smartphone into my garage to complete the repair!!! just an example…. but these days people have become so lazy & would rather PAY for such service along with playing in the markets….. really said when one looks at it….. & again the common excuse is TIME!! REALLY!!

    • rolo September 29, 2013 / 4:12 pm

      Kong trades looking good on Sunday evening opening – thanks Kong

      • Forex Kong September 29, 2013 / 4:28 pm

        Yes Rolo…..everything I’m looking at is “green on my screen”.

        This will be a crrrrrazy couple of days and a big week for data ( AUD , EUR , CAD as well U.S Gong show )

        Be sharp! Stay alert!

    • Forex Kong September 29, 2013 / 4:27 pm

      You bet Schmed, there are really no excuses these days. At “least” to the degree that “anyone and their dog” can look up historical prices on any asset on the planet,and get some idea of “where it’s been” – then get a “million and one day to day analysis” on “where it might be going”.

      Let alone have your entire portfolio sitting infront of you on your ipad, and the ability to buy/sell at the click of a button.

      But no…..let’s just watch CNBC.

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