Unlearn Everything – Make Something New

Without new ideas…what have we really got?

We copy, we mimic , repeat , reproduce, borrow etc…..but with nothing really new “introduced”, round and round we go, spiralling into the mundane, the benign  – all things we know to be “essentially” safe.

I’m really not much for that.

A chef may jump from culture to culture learning new things, an artists the same, pulling what they can from others, in an attempt to “make it their own” but in the end – is it really anything new?

Traders have poured over historical data for years, “looking back” in order to formulate ideas of what potentially lies ahead. The charts, the “indicators”, the jargon, the trend… all seemingly unchanged for what feels like an eternity.

Are there any new ideas left?

You bet your ass there are.

I’ve got a storage locker full of scribblers/notenbooks and a couple 100 more stuffed under my bed if you wanna talk about new ideas. 2014 is “coming” but I like to think of it more so as “I’m coming for 2014”.

This “trading thing” has been more or less an exercise so far, and I’m about ready to turn a couple of things on their heads.You’ve got to learn every single thing you can about a particular discipline, in order to throw it all out the window and contribute something new. You’ve got to learn it….to “unlearn it” in order to approach it “again” creatively.

2014 promises to be yet another incredibly challenging year, as far as trading is concerned and believe me – I’m ready.

In fact………………..I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lets get this party started.

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  1. schmederling December 28, 2013 / 7:20 pm

    ahh the turn wheels of change – I love it!! A majority of the populace HATES change…. they would rather continue down the same road even after traveling this path over & over, year after year….. How people are able to maintain such an existence puzzles me more then the markets. The false sense of security this seems to provide the masses can & is easily pulled away ” Like the rug for under ones feet” & then pondering ” What just happened” LOL .

    Change but real change is avoided – for those life passes them by in a heart best IMO……… welcome the change, embrace it!!
    Like your thinking Dr. Kong – keep it up….. the rest will be left chasing , fighting the change until it’s too late they give in & by then it’s time to change yet again…… it’s an endless cycle.

    Just my view….

    Cheers Schmederling,

  2. PT December 29, 2013 / 4:09 pm

    Senor Kong,
    Feliz Ano Nuevo.
    Some time back you spoke of what readers wished to hear. So I thought I’d question a true professional.
    As a forex novice, my query pertains to gold, silver, and its shares.
    Where do you see the DXY in the intermediary term (3-6 months)? I know your trades often only last hours, but what is your “change” or expectation for the dollar going forward?
    Gracias, PT

    • Forex Kong December 29, 2013 / 4:43 pm

      Please see the latest/coming post PT – fantastic question.

      I hope I’ve been able to answer it.

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