Bernanke Was Drunk – I Understood Everything

Well I’m pleased.

Still sounding like a someone scared half to death ( that little “quiver” in his voice ) Bernanke (clearly “buzzed”) fielded questions from some pretty sharp people this afternoon and frankly – I’m not sure if he answered a single one.

All the same I am pleased in that, it’s the first time I believe I’ve ever seen the man smile, or even show the tiniest bit of human emotion.

Can you even imagine how happy he must be? Carrying such a burden for so long, I seriously can’t imagine a comparative situation in my own life, where perhaps such “relief” may have been felt.

Here’s to you Ben! You gave us one hell of a ride! With enough twists n turns to give everyone “well their money’s worth”! Good luck to you Ben! All the best!

You won’t be missed.

A very interesting day out on the field today with the U.S Dollar pushing “about” as far as I’d be willing to see it before turning back for “just one more” fall. Have you seen the price of oil last 3 days as well? Wow….so who’s thinking that oil just tanks and the U.S Dollar shoots for the moon from here?

Not me……but I’ll tell you – we ARE getting very, very, very close to considerations of USD making a move higher, watching bond yields of course, then there’s that JPY and Nikkie oh….and don’t forget Gold! 

The following weeks promise to be very exciting. Have a good weekend everyone.

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  1. Franky January 3, 2014 / 5:29 pm

    I will miss Helicopter Ben, he was quite a character, …but looking forward what Janet will do with his money printing business. I can’t wait for US to print their way to prosperity, it really looks like it’s working 🙂

    Kong, what about AUD/JPY? I shorted more at the top of the range, do you still have short positions open?
    Dollar index closing above 81 looks bullish, I’m starting to regret closing short AUD/USD too early.
    And Oil…erasing 4 week gains in 3 days, man, I never learn when to take some profits – above 100 would have been perfect.

    • Forex Kong January 3, 2014 / 6:00 pm

      Im still short AUD/JPY yes…..and ya – looking at oil , you’d have to expect the dollar to “get it’s ass back down”?

      Lots of cross currents and lots of stuff up in the air here for the new year “re balancing act” or “wash rinse repeat act” whatever…..

      Oil looks to bottom here around 93.74 ish, and I’m “holding strong” on continued short USD for another leg / move down before we see about it’s “safe haven potencial” and/or the usual correlation when stocks correct.

      Personally I think Yen will fly, and I’m still not excited about getting into anything “Long USD” but….as I trade what I see.

      You do what you gotta do!

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