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What people fail to understand when looking at a simple “side by side comparison” of the U.S and China ( with respect to their stimulus programs ) is that while nearly ever dollar printed in the U.S “leaves the country immediately ” to be invested in markets abroad ( where the bankers/shiesters can get a “real return” on their investments) the money and credit put forth in China goes directly into the country’s own people and their development!

Do you honestly think “The Fed funny money” printed over the past 5 straight years has gone “back into America”? Then where is the result? Show me!

China’s infrastructure growth over the past 5 years is off the charts! Total investment “in itself”.

With completely “new cities” popping up everywhere, highways, new roads, railways, bullet trains shit…..China’s even got a rover rolling around on the moon right now while what?? Last I heard NASA is close to broke / shutting down and has scrapped the Space Shuttle – currently “outsourcing” to private companies for future developments in space!

I hear the power grid across the U.S hasn’t been improved / updated since like…..1842 ( joking ) and that the majority of the nuclear power plants across the country are literally “from the 70’s”!

China sitting on the cusp of “cutting edge technological breakthrough/development”, coupled with an “ever-growing” consumer economy and growing middle class…while U.S citizens take their place in line at the nearest unemployment office with food stamps in hand!

How can you not see this? How? Tell me!



Where are the new and improved highways, repaired bridges, the latest technologies invested in rail, clean energy etc?? WAKE THE F UP MAN! You are getting hosed!

Taxes to increase ( cuz you pay the bill for Gov spending ). Interest rates to rise. Gas prices to the moon. Inflation up your ass. Unemployment your neighbor. Repo. Foreclosure. Poof!

Start making some plans bro……this is only the beginning.

You think it’s any surprise that Putin doesn’t give a rat’s ass about any “U.S imposed sanctions”? Who the “F” cares? He’s got an entire planet looking to buy the goods, and pay for those goods with “real money” as opposed to USD. Trust me….this is the beginning – not the end.




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  1. JSkogs April 17, 2014 / 10:27 pm

    When I was in Chicago recently I posted a comment about how shockingly poor all the roads and bridges looked outside of downtown. I then later looked up articles online regarding ‘Merica’s infrastructure and found some articles stating that reports of needed improvements are in the neighborhood of 3 trillion and work has not been done in years. I’m not out to offend any American readers but its really starting to look like a poor country with a few rich people living in it. 3 trillion! You cant afford to be fighting wars when the balance sheet in this kind of disrepair. Completely irresponsible. And not even the slightest bit realistic. I hate being too doom and gloom but the vultures are circling. It’ll be a long drawn out process but Pax Americana is over. It ended with George Bush jr….kind of fitting.

    • Forex Kong April 17, 2014 / 10:42 pm

      I speak openly and honestly of what I know.

      Americans are tough as nails…and as kind, warm and friendly as anyone can be – but this doesn’t change the hard truths of the American Gov, and the position it’s put these people in.

      Patriotism is something I don’t understand – having lived in 8 countries over the past 16 years, among poverty “beyond” poverty.

      The people of The United States are being taken advantage of and there is no two ways about it.

      Love the people. Want to take their goverment out behind the shed.

      • devilyell April 19, 2014 / 11:26 pm

        Thanks your your comments. As in most countries, and most of the time, the gov’t is not the people.
        Kill the lawyers, but kill the politicians first.

        >>Patriotism is something I don’t understand – having lived in 8 countries over the past 16 years, among >>poverty “beyond” poverty.

        I don’t understand that you don’t understand. Recognizing and appreciating the overwhelming good your country has done for it’s own people and others, and the virtues and values for which it has bled to uphold, is certainly understandable patriotism.

        • Forex Kong April 20, 2014 / 8:50 am

          Where it comes to a head for me is looking at the “current situation” in the U.S, and finding reason for ( likely the younger generation ) to raise the flag and rejoice. Yes of course we “all” need to appreciate that the United States “fought for freedom” in the past and provided incredible opportunity to many, as well respect the many soldiers ( and all that where lost )who fought for such freedoms.

          But what can be said for today?

          Is the situation in The Ukraine really about “peoples freedom”? So….a “humanitarian effort” on the U.S’s part? ( please….gimme a break ). Can the never ending and “purposeful devaluation of the U.S Dollar” and complete “abuse” of this “world reserve currency” continue to go unchecked as what? We are all to be “thankful”? For how long? Forever? And at what expense?

          The completely and totally “ilegal ponzi” playing out in U.S Equities markets, coupled with the “systematic elimination of the middle class”?

          Is this by chance or by design? Is the “get out of jail card” held for “eternity” based on the circumstances of the past?

          If I pull you out of the path of a speeding train one day – do I then get to punch you in the face and steal your lunch money for the rest of your life?

          He he he….well – it’s a “passionate” debate that frankly – I don’t have the knowledge / background to contribute more than a silly opinión.

          I hope we can all respect that there are “many sides / views / angles” and that each and everyone one of us should respect that “we all have different views”.

    • devilyell April 19, 2014 / 11:16 pm


      I hope it is only your ignorance that prompts you to write such things.

      While W was in office, we (the USA) could still grow ourselves out of a recession. The debt was still “manageable” but growing at an alarming rate for anyone that cared to pay attention. W’s “outrageous” spending ($500,000,000 in his last year) according to the dumb-o-crats, was in reaction to the debacle that the dumb-o-crats created (below). Bush went to the Congress three times to alert them of the pending disaster of the Dodd-Frank legislation. Finally, he had no choice but to at least try to stem the bleeding.
      (Meanwhile, the dumb-o-crats have wasted $1 Trillion each year for the last six years with nothing to show for it!)

      Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd passed a law that immorally & unethically rewarded former Clintonistas (now in charge of Freddie Mac and Fannie May). Their bonuses were no longer based on the PERFORMANCE of the FM & FM portfolios. Instead, they were based on the SIZE of their portfolios! The criteria changed from percentage of profitable loans to THE NUMBER OF ALL LOANS!!!! Suddenly anyone with a two week pay stub could get a home loan whether or not they were two pay checks from the street. Even illegals got loans and the brokers didn’t care. Once the loan was done the broker got his $1,000 and it didn’t matter if the loan defaulted. He got his $ and the loan was no longer his responsibility. It was ours…the taxpayers.

      When obama and the dumb-o-crats took over, their massive debt “to save GM and create shovel ready jobs” could have been used to rebuild infrastructure and fund legitimate R&D to improve productivity, the only sure way to stimulate an economy. Instead, it was squandered to give foreign aid to the people that hate us and to fund asinine industries that ultimately failed to the tune of $500,000,000. Just one example.
      Ultimately, the very few “shovel ready jobs” cost the US taxpayer over $35,000 each and the unemployment rate remains over 6%.

      You wrote:
      >>You cant afford to be fighting wars when the balance sheet in this kind of disrepair. Completely irresponsible. >>And not even the slightest bit realistic.

      Silly Americans. We actually fight and die, and “squander” our treasure, so that other people can be free. Reference The Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, The Cold War, and the Middle East / Terror:
      US Civil War, so that Negro slaves could be free = 365,000 Anti-Slavery Yankees dead.
      WWI, so that Europe could be free = 126,000 Americans dead.
      WWII, so that most of the world could be free = 400,000 Americans dead.
      Korea, so that more than 1/2 of Koreans could be free = 36,000 Americans dead.
      Viet Nam, so that more than 1/2 of S. Vietnamese could be free = 58,000 Americans dead.
      Global War on Terror, so people everywhere can get a pizza or ride a bus and not get blown up =
      6,400 Americans dead.

      If it was “all about oil”, as the lefty faggots say, we should be swimming in oil.
      Why didn’t we take one drop of oil from Kuwait and Iraq? Europe, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, et al, have no oil yet all of those Americans remain dead.

      Weapons of mass destruction?….Saddam had ten years to export his shit to Syria thanks to a feckless UN that the USA pays for. Saddam had enough time to bury Soviet Migs, tanks and lab equipment in the desert!
      At least Assad got to use some on his own people. Maybe that’s what Saddam wrote on the how-to instructions.

      Regardless, the USA enabled 40+ million people, in both countries, to vote for their leaders for the first time in history. Remember the purple thumbs?

      We built schools so peasants, AND FEMALES, could learn to read and write for the first time in their history.
      How many “lefty, liberated, NOW fems” in the US & the world respect and appreciate that?

      We built hospitals, wells, and sanitation systems for those same oppressed people in both countries. Their Arab-Muslim dictators didn’t even give a shit about them to that extent. You and I take that those amenities for granted.

      JSkogs, more people live free and live better because of America. Your lefty, faggot, pacifist professors are full of shit.

  2. devilyell April 19, 2014 / 11:27 pm

    Oh yeah, if you don’t want us to read it, why did you post it?

    • JSkogs April 20, 2014 / 10:08 am

      Sorry Devil but your rant is clearly full of ignorance and bias right from the second paragraph. I’m not sure dropping faggot bombs is doing much. Sorry bro not worth a reply….well other than what i just wrote.

      • JSkogs April 20, 2014 / 11:37 am

        I wasn’t blaming GBush Jr for the debt problem. That goes back 40 yrs and cant be blamed on one prez. My point was that the man is a boob so its fitting. As for the rest of it your response exemplifies the separation of US govt interests and what its people think. Sure people died…great people…and schools etc were built but you are totally missing the point of why. It’s not altruistic man. If it was North Korean leadership would be taken out immediately and don’t cite China as a reason because its wrong.

  3. JSkogs April 20, 2014 / 1:09 pm

    And if memory serves me the US has actually been in arrears to the UN for eons. Just a little inaccurate. Off by decades really

  4. therumpledone April 20, 2014 / 2:26 pm

    Nice to see I am not the only one letting traders know HORIZONTAL LINES are all you need and that SQUIGGLYS are for suckers.

    • Forex Kong April 20, 2014 / 3:20 pm

      Bang on Rumple.

      He he he….what’s that old saying – “you can lead a horse to wáter…..but you can’t make him drink”?

      Lots to be learned by just “marking” those areas where price stalls.

  5. therumpledone April 20, 2014 / 2:27 pm

    “You think it’s any surprise that Putin doesn’t give a rat’s ass about any “U.S imposed sanctions”? Who the “F” cares? He’s got an entire planet looking to buy the goods, and pay for those goods with “real money” as opposed to USD. Trust me….this is the beginning – not the end.”

    Sad but true…

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