Forming A Fundamental View – Climb Higher

From a fundamental perspective we need to look at things from the top down.

Now…..depending on “how high you climb the beanstalk” things may appear very different as…we all climb as high as we can ( based on our own knowledge and understanding ) formulating  an overall view of “what we think” is going on below. But what if you don’t climb high enough? Is your perspective “all encompassing”? Or are you only seeing things from a vantage point that ( innocently not knowing ) only allows you to see a small portion of the larger picture.

How high do you need to climb in order to formulate a macro view “wide enough” to feel that you’ve got things in the proper perspective – and in turn use this perspective to your advantage?

This of course…is wildly subjective,and always up for debate as – we all formulate our “macro views” based on our own experience, knowledge and understanding.

My macro views start with “Earth” if that says anything.I then start to work myself down.

Movement in financial markets is merely a “bi-product of human activity” so……it only makes sense to better understand who’s got the largest influence and what their intensions are no? Central Banks sit high above you and are currently in “desparation mode” world wide – doing everything they can to keep the “debt balls up in the air”, while facing the stark reality of continued “slowing global growth”.

As a retail investor don’t kid yourself. This has nothing to do with “mom and pop” buying a couple stocks with hopes of making a buck or two. The big boys push this thing around “like a skinny kid on the playground” with the sole intention of extracting your “hard earned live savings” as readily as possible – then depositing them in their offshore bank accounts.

You are at war every single day you put your money at risk in financal markets, against an enemy with every possible weapon at their disposal. Failure to recognize this generally leads to one thing, and one thing only. Failure.

If you can’t adopt a “warrior type attitude” with respect to your trading / investing then you may want to consider taking something up that’s just a little “teeny weeny” bit  “safer”.

Needlepoint anyone?


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  1. devilyell April 20, 2014 / 4:03 pm

    Re: Don’t Read This….
    Sorry. I jumped the que because subsequent replies in previous articles…

    JSKogs wrote:

    >>Sorry Devil but your rant is clearly full of ignorance and bias right from the second paragraph.
    >>I’m not sure dropping faggot bombs is doing much. Sorry bro not worth a reply….well other than what i just >>wrote.

    Not worth a reply? Yet you did reply twice more!
    I can relate because I suffer from the same inclination.

    I have known for 100 years that arguing politics or religion is futile. I should have listened to my own advice.

    JSK and Kong replied with some things that I would continue to agrue. To some of their other comments I say that I stand corrected.

    I am reminded that everyone has the right to think and say whatever they want. Anyone else has the right to agree, disagree, say so, or not say so. Hereafter I will “not say so”. I was too harsh and I was disruptive. I do say sorry to JSK, Kong and everyone else.

    We are all here to take advantage of Kong’s service. I am very enthusiastic about it because it will free me from the grind of a 24hr market but still trade it. I can return to my bread & butter trading during NY banker’s hours.

    Don’t let me down Kong. I got four hungry kids and a crop in the field.


    Nice to see you here TRO/A.H.!! Greetings from my headquarters in 85750.
    Do you still hide that stolen Miata in a ramshackle garage?
    I’ll bet by now I’ve been banned from more forums than you.

    • Forex Kong April 20, 2014 / 4:44 pm

      The Kenny Rodgers reference seals it.

      You’ve always got a place here Dev. Always – as “I for one” respect and “continue to learn” from your “ever so passionate posts”.

      This will always be a forum for people to express their views ( however ridiculous / contrary they may appear to others ) as….that’s what it’s all about right? Take me for example!

      I can only speak of my own experience / knowledge / understanding of things that well…..I may not yet ( or ever ) fully understand!

      What can ya do right? You put it out there for the world to read…..some like it…others not – shit……

      At least with some “mutual respect” it’s all good conversation for those who appreciate just that – a difference in opinion.

      It would be impossible to imagine “everyone” agreeing with “everything” – and I’d be hard pressed to “befriend” some roll over / but kissing / “yes man” that did nothing but go with the status quo anyway so.

      Rock n roll you guys! Keep it as clean as you can but shit… are “who you are” and you “think what you think”.

      Fat chance of changing my views on a number of subjects too so…….lets go with that “mutual respect” idea – and say whatever the “f” you like!

      • JSkogs April 20, 2014 / 4:53 pm

        Ya man all good. People get heated up. All of us should watch the name calling but ya nothing wrong with a good internet argument. At least on the net you can’t punch each other if it gets outta hand

        • Forex Kong April 20, 2014 / 5:04 pm

          He he he……good good J man….

          Thank god eh? Otherwise I’d be getting in even more fights than I do in “real life”!

          Keep it clean…and letter ride!

  2. devilyell April 20, 2014 / 5:43 pm

    Thanks Guys. Very cool.
    I will avoid non-trading heat, name calling, or anything else that could blow my parole.
    Onward and upward…to the bank!

    • JSkogs April 20, 2014 / 7:10 pm

      To the bank it is! Political crap is a challenge to talk about. I hate our Canadian govt these days. It’s generally dickheads everywhere. That’s what making money is for. Enjoying life!

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