2 Steps Forward – Then 2 More

The long USD trades ( in particular vs the EU type currencies ) is absolutely killing it, and for the most part – hasn’t really even started yet.

With “The Nikkei” most recently “serving as my guide” we’ll see reversal here today and the “party can get started” with those Yen related pairs as well.

As I’d mentioned some time ago…I’ve long and since stopped worrying about the silly SP 500, as it’s movement has had “very little to no effect” on currency positioning and bigger picture analysis.

It’s a game. And it’s a game that most are losing.

If I could chose to be one thing right now “other than a gorilla” I’d take bear over bull in a heartbeat, and really can’t wrap my head around the logic buying into this but…..

I guess that’s what retail investors are for.

Buying at tops and selling at bottoms.

I’ve got a bit of swamp land in Southern Yucatan here in Mexico you might want to take a look at as well. The markets hot – it won’t be available for long.

Happily positioned “short risk” and only looking to add on any, ANY short term strength.



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