Would You Trust This Guy? – I Would

Ya that’s me dipshit – so what?

You already know I’m from another planet so – what’s the big deal?

Ya ya…..the “reptilian thing” – I hear it all the time. Those “eyes” go back generations bud, so you can chalk it up to genetics. Whatever.

Key thing is……my eyes are open.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister and his “entire cabinet” have now stepped down, as The Ukraine is unwilling to be “strong armed” by The IMF and the ridiculous parameters set forth, in order for it to secure further funding and “supposedly” salvage it’s economy.

The IMF / Western clowns / Obama just took another punch in the face as now “even Germany” is  looking to “swing East” and keep the lights on / gas flowing a little longer.

What? You haven’t heard? No big story on your local news / CNN?

I thought not. It’s summer – no need to be concerned.

Grab another burger and “for sure” drink another liter or two of Coke – you’ll be fine.





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