Yesterday Erased – Short Term Retail Smashed

Are you at least “a little bit” concerned yet?

You should be.

Oil tanking – wreaking havoc across global markets as investors also come to terms with the reality that The ECB’s QE Program is a complete and total dud.



We knew this. It’s not at all a surprise that markets are falling. No surprise at all.

The question begs….do you really think there is sufficient upside left ( perhaps one more “nominal new high”? ) before this thing comes home to roost?

Would it really be worth it to “just hold on” another week / month to see if you seriously squeeze “anything more” out of a market that has gone straight up for essentially 6 years straight?

Madness. Greed and more madness.

When someone suggests that it might be a good idea to “at least” take a little bit off the table considering the run you’ve had….6 years running….you really think you’re gonna see anything more in the way of profits?

Oil will never “ever” see a hundred dollars a barrel again – as global demand ( a product of slowing economic growth ) continues to fall.

Ring the bell on some winners….keep building / holding on to those gold / silver related names and you’ll be golden. Literally.

Kong. Gone.


Perspective – How Small You Really Are

As I’m sure most of you know by now – I’m a space / astro biology / cosmology / physics buff.

Sometimes “looking at the big picture” is difficult for some, as we tend to get tied up with the “little things” in our daily lives, and particularly with trading. Every little squiggle holding such significance for some, but when put in perspective – really nothing more than a “small vibration” in the bigger picture.

Perhaps the following video will give you some perspective, where perspective is truly what’s needed.

Pontificate This – SP 500 Negative For 2015

Pon·tif·i·cate – To express one’s opinions in a way considered annoyingly pompous and dogmatic.

Nothing moves in a straight line forever, and anyone with an outwardly “bullish” standpoint has just seen their paper profits taken back to levels of mid November of 2014 – only in a matter of days.

Did you sell at the top? Ya……as I’ve suggested that “sideways” has been the markets direction for many months now – I guess you only need a couple of days like this to see things as they truly are.

Egomaniacs and emotional traders tied to the idea that “markets will do no wrong” now speechless as 4 months worth of “riding the bull train” sets them back to late 2014. Otta watch 4 months worth of paper profits go up in smoke in a matter of days.

Point being…….this market takes no prisoners as both bulls and bears have their day in the sun, with the advantage seen from either side being slight to non-existent for months now.

Don’t be a f%$kin baby. Don’t be a loud mouth either. Take your wins with humility and do us all a favor….

Feel free to take your losses in silence.

Draghi On Monday – Devil In The Details

There is a very important detail of Draghi’s proposed “ECB QE Program” that looks to have escaped the larger headline news  (suggesting that Draghi’s program will provide the next boost for markets and ultimately save The E.U Zone from disaster ).

Draghi suggested last week that The ECB “will not be buying securities if” their yields are below the ECB’s deposit rate of minus 0.2 percent.

Well…….with Eighty-four of the 346 securities in the Bloomberg Eurozone Sovereign Bond Index with rates below zero ( including all German bonds due in six years or less ) it remains to be seen just “what will be bought” and in what kind of amount.

We’ve all seen Draghi “talk the talk” so many times in the past, so again the question comes to mind if “this time”he can “or will” walk the walk.

Imagine the set up for markets so widely expecting the ECB QE Program to “somehow” put a shelf under the economic destruction currently sweeping Europe…only to realize that once again Draghi pulls the carpet out from under, offering far less than what was originally proposed.

It would not surprise me in the least to see the final bottom to be put in on The EURO triggered by a less than expected result from The ECB ‘s “supposed” QE Bazooka.

We’ll find out here on Monday / Tuesday as the program is expected to begin.