Picking Coca In Peru – Beats Following Markets

The hard cold truth.

There is very little “if any” money to be made on the long side. Period.

If you love “anguish and grief” then great. You can do your best to push though this “as a bull” but……you will likely wake up “morning after morning – for weeks on end” hoping to see a few extra pennies added to your account, only to find more shitty ads on CNBC, an empty sugar bowl, rats in your attic and a dull pain behind your eyes.

With a general view that we ultimately move “significantly lower”….this thing is doing “this” at best:



Who could be bothered?

Short of looking for some “big red candles” to follow – I could just as well have a completely  “alternate identity” picking coca leaves in the mountains of Peru as opposed to contemplating this.

Imagine it going sideways for “the next 4 months” and I think you get the picture.

Big red candles or bust folks…otherwise….you’re just wasting your time.




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  1. madness April 27, 2015 / 8:31 am

    Morning Kong.

    Another week, another week of same.

    RIsk (equity) markets powering ahead. No fear at all. Anything that could have brought the markets down is now a non-event and has been fully discounted (rightly or wrongly).

    What’s your take now Kong? I said way back when European QE started that we’d probably not see the Oct 2014 lows again this year and now almost five months in to the year, those lows seem like a life time away. With China hinting at their own QE (why on Earth any nation that has GDP at 7% would want to engage in QE is beyond me-assuming that 7% is indeed true).

    If Apple report great figures tonight, we could see US markets rally hard as they have been under-performing this year relative to other equity markets.

    I can’t see anything derailing this rally. As most trading is not HFT driven and not human, there is no human emotion to drive the market lower. This has been the underlying factor driving markets up even on low volume days.

    Don’t think Greece will leave the Euro so that alone would be seen as a huge lift to risk on.

    Even a 10% correction form current levels would be fairly insignificant given the magnitude of rise we have seen.

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