The Next BIG TRADE – For Simple People

If you are currently “reeling” in the wake of U.S stock market devistation….clearly you didn’t sell – when selling was the way to go.

Fair enough.

You watch T.V, you trust the talking heads ( cuz you have absolutely no clue otherwise ) and you firmly believe that “everything is gonna be fine”. Likely a little late now….you choose to hold, and watch your paper profits evaporate to the degree that you are finally getting motived to “take what little you have” – and hit the road.

You fucked up. You know it….you feel like shit and look in the mirror to recognize yourself as the greedy little pig you are. You greedy little pig.

You just got smoked.

But hey…..think positive…there’s still hope as..the wheel keeps turning, and if you’ve still got a penny or two left to your name – you can still get ready for “the next big trade”.

Let’s talk commodities.

Assume that the big corps/banks  have now taken every last penny from the average “at home investor” and are looking for the next big opportunity. They’ve been selling you stocks “at the highs” for the better part of 2015…and are now dumping so fast….you’ve got absolutely no chance of survival. Stock prices “are not” indication of economic stability/growth…but simply a mechanism to transfer your money to the big boys on Wall St.

Mission accomplished.


Now….dripping with cash….where will these big companies look to put their money? Where can they “buy on the cheap” in order to fill the coffers….and in turn…spin the wheel again?

Think about it.

You still need to eat. You still need to buy toilet paper ( no matter how poor you get ). You still need to put clothes on your children’s back, and you will continue to live beyond your means…until you ultimately live in a cardboard box behind the local Taco Bell ( all be it with the newest Iphone 9 in your pocket ). You still need to buy shit…and they still need to sell it to you.


They will be buying commodities you dumb ass!

Yes! All the things they still need to sell you ( you can’t build an Iphone without silver/copper right?) are currently on sale!

No matter how bad things get…..the big boys still need to take their shot at “producing” the silly gadgets you hold so close to your heart, as they still need to sell them to you!

You’ve taken the hit…and have filled their bank accounts. Now……they use your money to buy the shit they need ( at the absolute lowest of lows ie…..oil/gold/silver/ag ) only to sell it right back to you once the wheel turns again!

You can’t afford to keep trading like this.

You need to get this flipped around, and trade “with” them – not against.

Commodities are gonna FLY! ( not tomorrow ass face…..) Think about it.

It’s a big wheel……and it takes time. I only encourage you to do your best…..

To GTF off it!





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  1. Lockie August 22, 2015 / 2:25 am

    Haha, love the tough-love, and your hilarious greedy little pig call-out!

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