Navigate Intra Day Markets – Sit Down. Shut Up.

Sit down. Shut up.

The pre-market has already “done its thing” and you’ve no chance of survival.

There are no opportunities here today in equities as the Wall St boys have already made their move. ( This doesn’t happen to you when trading Forex as….the market trades 24 hours a day ).

As with yesterday’s plunge ( all pre-market ) or rather – ” inversely ” today the T.V suggests “Equities biggest one day gains” but…….you’ll have none of it.

It’s not for you.

“You” are for “them”.

Just sit down. Sit it out….and get ready for the next “larger leg lower”.

I’m 100% ( yes 100% cash ) and will spend the next few days at the local casino. Burning 100’s on Blackjack for fun.

I gamble all the time….

Just not with my trading.



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