Short Humanity – Long Interplanetary Travel

The wait has been brutal, and the USD pairs “wide-ranging behavior” has made it very difficult to pick a specific level, and feel “good” about nailing an entry.

Patience has been pushed to the limit, as the daily volatility continues to wipe out the small guys.

I dare say it again…..but we should see the waterfall commence here very , very soon.

With continued concentration on the JPY pairs vs AUD, NZD and CAD – what can be said?

These trades continue to produce, now I dunno….several hundreds of pips ( 1000’s cumulatively ) in the green.

If you’ve still got a couple pennies in your jeans…..remain short…add short risk as we are clearly moving lower ( and in my view even lower ).

Interestingly……you can’t have a low in Oil…….without a high / turn in USD ( as oil is priced in USD )

I remain short risk…..long JPY and short USD….and as suggested some weeks ago – Feel free to take a look at the profits come mid/late October.

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