SP 500 and Risk – Second Chance To Sell

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have timed the low back in February – Bravo!

Seriously…..job well done in this trade environment.


Don’t get complacent here. This is what I would call a “second chance” as I expect to see the SP 500 ( and all other world markets ) roll over here around 2075-2100 ( duh – right? ) then proceed lower – taking out the lows at 1800.

SP 500 March 30th 2016

SP 500 March 30th 2016

Yes that’s right – taking out the lows at 1800.

If I where a gambling man…..I would simply look to book “any” profits I’ve got over the next day or two, and put away the charts for a couple months.

You don’t trade Forex so don’t worry about it.

I’m two days into my “short USD trade” and just getting started.

A significant trade indeed.

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  1. Andrew_P March 31, 2016 / 6:16 am

    Hey Kong, I notice we’ve got both USD and JPY devaluing at exactly the same (for example AUS USD & GPY JPY rising to name a few). What’s your take on this?

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