Oooh! The Anticipation – Kong Buys IMG

You can play “short USD” in any number of ways….and when considering “diversification” ( as any knowledgeable trader / investor should! ) why not throw a couple of bux towards those good ol gold and silver mining stocks.

As a “token” of my current plans moving forward “as planned”….I am placing the first of many orders “long gold and silver” ( inverse to short U.S Dollar ) here today.

Long IMG at 5.00 Even.



The currency side of things plays out pretty simply.

USD goes down and the largest gains are seen in pairs such as short USD/JPY and long GBP/USD, EUR/USD.

When risk comes off “in general” ( which will also happen for a time here ) even bigger gains are found in getting long JPY against AUD, NZD and CAD.

I expect U.S Equity markets to fall “along side” USD as well so – there’s a head scratcher for ya! Kong ! I thought that if U.S Equities get “sold” then money should just pour back into the U.S Dollar no???


The big boys are already out of their “long dollar trades” and it will be JPY that rises as U.S Equity markets sell off.

JPY is the funding currency for this gong show, and you will see it hit the stratosphere when equities are sold.

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  1. SS76 September 1, 2016 / 2:14 am

    I think this is a smart buy. I’m looking to get my first of 2 buys in NUGT, junior minors 3x.

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