USD – Major Inflection Point At 96.00


Call it 96.50 or 97.00 – I mean seriously. We are talking about 1/100th of a cent difference in the value of the currency so…..take your decimal points and go blow it. Its far bigger than that.

Forex is highly leveraged, and great deals of money can be made on even the smallest of moves but…..thats not the reason I trade forex.

I trade forex because it’s the ¨window to our world¨. Economically. Geo politically. Nothing goes on in any other market, any other asset class that isn’t first reflected in the currency market.

The trick is only to understand it.

Forex trades 24 hours a day…no pre market bullshit….no after market earnings announcements ( ever wonder why they do that? ). You don´t wake up in the morning to find out your stock has traded down 23 bucks during the hours that you´ve been sleeping….laying there – powerless.

You can stay in the game – out on the field 24 hours a day!

I like that as…….I like to play…and I´m very good at it.

USD in the 96.00 area suggests a serious inflection point. I won´t get into the fine details….just sticking to the plan.

You lining up any trades?

Thought not.





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  1. MIke September 3, 2016 / 9:21 pm

    YOu called it!!! great job

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