1H Chart – Big Volume in Gold and Euro

This isn’t easy by any means but……after doing this for so long –  confidence builds.

You need to trade “so small” for “so long” that you still have some kind of an account balance left – once you finally figure this out. Most traders bet the farm within the first 3 months, lose everything, get super bitter and never return.

That´s not how I roll.

Boring as hell at times…( as trading should become – once you understand it ) but….one can´t really complain while sippin a cold one in their undies.

You wanna trade for a living? Calm the f”$k down……plan your trades, and TRADE SMALL when getting started!

In any case…I digress.

As per the post on Gold, USD and Eur back like….8 days ago……everything moving according to plan.

USD taking a pounding today……gold surely holding it´s own and EUR looking very close to bottom – if not already.

Hope you’re all doing great.






Post Election Pop ´n Drop – A Country Divided

It’s truly amazing how well markets have been holding up, considering “the gong show” currently playing out in the 2016 U.S Presidential Elections. Looking at it from both a Canadian “and” a Mexican perspective ( as I’m sure you all recall……Mrs. Kong – Mexican Goddess ) it’s hard to imagine:

  1. This election is happening at all, as by now I would have fully expected ( at the very least ) a Trump assassination attempt, faked alien invasion or perhaps a false flag / terrorist attack, in order for Obama to call the entire thing off and keep his seat in the Whitehouse a bit longer.
  2. Either of them as the actual President of the Unites States, considering that whichever way it goes…..the other half the country is going to absolutely detest their new leader.
  3. How markets could possibly remain buoyant as social mood quickly deteriorates in the wake of ( quite likely ) civil unrest.


There is no possible way that Donald Trump will just “disappear” if Clinton takes the helm. In fact, one would have to imagine Trump making even more aggressive moves “after” the election, as he will have millions and millions of supporters across the country that quite frankly…..I dont think will just sit idle as Clinton continues with the status quo.

Lots of talk out there now about Trump’s “master plan” – Trump T.V

So markets will likely have some kind of intial “pop” post election, as supports of “whom ever” wins rejoice in their selection. A brief period of euphoria soon followed by the complete and total opposite.

Social mood and appetite for risk will take a solid hit. I expect markets to fall hard shortly after the inital pop so….be aware.



EUR/USD – USD And Gold – Alien Knowledge

A simple correlation – the price of commodities and the U.S Dollar.

Gold being priced in USD obviously.

As the “value” of The U.S dollar rises – Gold price goes down. When the value of USD falls….one would expect the inverse in gold. Gold moves higher as USD falls. All good?

So you should find it interesting then, that over the past few days ( since giving the green light to buy gold ) The U.S Dollar has remained strong. Suggesting to myself at least…..that “even with a relatively strong dollar” the price of gold and silver related stocks have not only remained buoyant, but have made some pretty sold gains over the past few days.

I bought IMG at 4.68 a couple days ago –  Now sitting at 5.29 – All the while USD has continued to move higher.

So what gives Kong? How can the value of the U.S Dollar keep rising AS WELL as Gold and related names?

Answer: An intermediate bottom in Gold.

I’m not talking about a nice little dip to buy, or a quick little stock tip to make you a couple extra bucks for beer….I’m talking about a large scale “fundamental shift in money flow” where the big boys are already well in position. Fully prepared for the U.S Dollar to fall – just that couple of steps ahead of you as…….you still see relative strength in USD even while the big money keeps scooping up Gold.

These large-scale “intermediate turns” don’t play out in a single day.

This will be short-lived, and here is why:

The Euro only further confirms the move currently in play as……it’s now very VERY close to bottoming as well.

Currencies don’t lie. You can’t have EUR and USD going up at the same time!



So the trade at hand is as follows. Long Gold / Silver and the miners NOW…….and short USD ( long EUR ) here in coming days…once this turn shows itself to the masses.

These “big turns” take weeks and even months for the big boys to build positions, so you don’t always see typical correlations playing out “minute to minute”. It’s my firm belief that the entire year of 2016 has essentially had the big money distributing stock to retail investors….while they quietly and patiently unload USD and scoop up Gold.

Make no mistake. It’s “Dollar Short Time” again here soon, with large gains planned in EUR longs, and a solid investment in Gold.

You think it’s backwards. You don’t think it makes sense but…….haven’t you been reading / lurking here long enough to know better by now? Once you throw currencies into your watch lists, and basket of tools to draw from…you can see things much clearer.

Big moves coming post election.


Invest In Gold Now – Thank Kong Later

A golden opportunity? I should say so.

Let’s look at the technical side of things first……



As far as a “technical set up”goes……it really doesn’t get much better than this. Gold and the entire complex has essentially broken out of the long-term downtrend of the past “years” ( yes I said years ) then pulled back in a “huuuuuuuuge” way – now sitting at the “perfect place” to consider this as an “investment”.

Don’t f^&k around here……these kinda things don’t come about every day of the week. You don’t have to rush into anything but if I was you….I’d be inching into gold and gold/silver miners here pronto ( if not already….as I have ) with consideration of a much longer term trade than I would normally consider.

My goal here is simple. 

Take a fixed amount considered an “investment” – let’s say 25-30k and just start pounding away with small orders over the next couple of weeks. Find the trade at break even / somewhat in profit in coming weeks…..move stops to break even and don’t look at it again forever.

This is “investment talk” not trade so………don’t confuse the two.