What Does Trump Want? – USD Strong Or Weak

Let’s ask ourselves a few very simple questions. On a fundamental level…

What do you think would benefit the Trump presidency / program more? A strong U.S Dollar or a weak U.S Dollar? And why? ______________ (comment please).


Would you say that the world at large currently views the Trump train as a stable and positive contributor to international trade and global economic development…or as a negative? ___________ (comment please).


In the advent of some “international conflict” involving The U.S, Russia, China, Japan and/or any country in Europe would you expect this to be a positive or a negative for USD? ___________ (comment please).

What do you think the probability is of further escalation of conflict between The U.S , Russia , China , Japan , Korea , ISIS etc? _____________ (comment please).

Throwing around a bit of  “geo political analysis” is always great, as it can help provide a viewpoint that isn’t centered on one’s own “local situation” not to mention a break from the math and charts.

Remember…fear and greed are what moves human beings to do the crazy things they do so…. keep this in mind while formulating your answers.

EUR Looking To Fly Hgher





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  1. Chris Van Eaton March 1, 2017 / 1:35 am

    I think President Trump would prefer a weaker dollar.. this would make our exports more competitive in the global market and help keep manufacturing in the US thus keeping american jobs.

  2. tas March 3, 2017 / 5:17 am

    1.I think he wants a weak dollar to be competitive with manufacturing and exporting, the tariffs on importing will boost local manufacturing
    2.They see him as unstable, as he is putting the U.S.A first and not really playing the game, i think it may awaken countries in the euro so that might create instability, but who knows? would love a crystal ball
    3. Interesting one, i guess with war it generally seems to boost the usd as it is a safe haven, but then people might rush to gold, fuck i can’t answer it haha
    4. Isis for sure, i think he will hammer them. South China sea different story, that one worries me a bit as china flexing its muscle, trump trying to flex his and russia being with china, that would be fucking scary, hope that never happens. I think gold would go through the roof if the above scenario with usa, china, russia

    Didnt really give any concrete answers but great thought provoking read…
    Now im going to build my under ground bunker

    • Forex Kong March 3, 2017 / 2:02 pm

      Very nice Tas. Wow – great work.

      Trump MUST have a weak USD or nothing else will work, the world DOES see him as unstable/uncertain and we all know markets hate uncertainty. The US dollar is no longer seen as a safe haven as BRICS bank and the world at large continues to move away from USD and conflict between the big boys – China , US , Russia is most certainly on the rise.

      You nailed it!

      I don’t have a bunker yet, but do have an escape plan. If I can just hop a plane. / grab a boat before anything “too crazy” goes down. Chile baby..I’m heading for Chile.

      • tas March 4, 2017 / 2:18 am

        Haha… thanks for the tip, with chile. I have noticed the uncertainty again have a great weekend

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