Searching For A Catalyst – Nothing To See

Every day can’t be a big winner.

Looking at nearly every single asset class here Monday morning….we’re trading flat as a pancake.

USD is likely getting close to a near term “bounce” after the last 8 days straight down. I “may” consider booking profits on EUR/USD but equally could consider holding thru this next daily cycle of USD – expecting even further downside to continue.

Lots of so called market gurus out in the cold these past weeks, and many bulls ( who’ve already had a nice slice of their pie taken ) still suggesting this goes on throughout the rest of 2017 – mid 2018.

What goes on? Flat to down with the slight chance of a a final bump before May? You can have it…I’m looking at USD/JPY smashed, AUD/JPY at stiff resistance and an economic hurricane brewing off the coast.

Nothing to see here today. Zip. Nada.



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