Go Learn Something – Expand Your Arsenal

An old high school girlfriend of mine had a grandpa. This guy was sharp as a tack.You just knew it the second you met him. Words rolled off his tongue, math was a joke. He could sing / play the piano and was outright hilarious on almost every occasion that we met.

You know what he owed it to? His secret? His “super power”?

Cross word puzzles. Yup……good old run of the mill crossword puzzles.

Find Something Else To Do

When you’ve got a trade environment such as this ( struggling to move higher, yet refusing to go down ) go find something to learn! You’ve got the time! The charts / stocks and currencies aren’t going anywhere. Everything will “be there” when you get back.

Japanese candle sticks for one…..go study Elliot Wave Theory. Take a crack at Gann’s Studies or “get wild” and go have a look at Lunar Trading and the connections with human sentiment. Pull up some charts and start throwing new indicators on them / evaluate what they can or can’t do for your trading. Go read a report…..or pick up a musical instrument for Petes sake! Do something else!

This stuff will drive you bat sh#t crazy if you let it. Trust me…..I know. I have trouble sitting in a room with an overhead fan ( as I tend to look for cycles / counts in the rotation) and god help me if there might be a tap dripping, or a dishwasher running at the same time. I start pitting the rhythms against each other looking for patterns etc….its nuts.

Sitting on the sidelines is healthy as….I do far more “observing” than I actually do trading these days – and it pays off big time.

Get away from the computer more, and you will see your trading improve – I guarantee it.


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  1. tas March 30, 2017 / 11:09 pm

    Great article mate… Kong with Gann studies is there anywhere you would recommend to look or just read up online. I have had a look already and tons of different info.. Hard to tell what is right or shit.. But thanks for the tips

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