USD Update – Pot Stocks As Well

For those of you who’ve so “intelligently subscribed” to “Kong’s Pot Stock Watch” – I commend you.

Aurora Cannabis has shot up some 15-20% ( don’t quote me here ) over recent days…and is holding / looking good! I’m well into it / averaged in around 2.25 and Canada is still on track to get this stuff legal in coming months. The trade alert come out over the weekend….so don’t be a fool. Get signed up and catch the next one.

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In other news…

The U.S Dollar is a dog. You know my longer term thoughts / views on the money printing and the chaos that will one day ensue. Regardless….still looking for a near term bottom here ( as seen in previous charts of USD/CAD ) and a likely move to the upside.

Today we see a “swing low” on day 17-18 of the daily cycle so…..don’t get out the red panties but I assume USD will take a bounce here.

That’s it – I gotta run. It’s summer and I’m busy doing things that make sense….not staring at charts / watching paint dry, but don’t think for a minute I’ve taken my eye off the ball.

I know everything. I see everything. I am thousands of years old……

I just can’t remember most it.






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  1. Luciana August 2, 2017 / 5:16 am

    You wouldn’t be bored if you were chillaxing on Georgian Bay in Canada!

  2. few chairs mark it August 10, 2017 / 5:00 am

    hey kong! remember feb 26 when you thought the debt ceiling would crash the market, and i posted that it wouldnt? remember this post:

    March 31, 2017 / 4:48 pm
    divergences on PPO/macd and tsi are probably too great for this market to go up much more without a bit of a reset. i am still expecting to see more downside to 2300 or 2272 before a wave 5. wave 5 however should achieve 2450 to 2500 spx. then maybe the fat lady sings. big correction for sept? summer doldrums likely will not yield the big down move. as expected the debt ceiling debate so far is a non event. congress does not have the huevos to stand in the way.

    here we are.

    i will go ya one more. we are not done, only a pull back. mid 2500’s later.

    • Forex Kong August 10, 2017 / 6:17 am

      Yes yes…..wonderful call there – all the way back to Feb 26!

      Bravo my friend. I have dabbled a tiny bit, but have most certainly been on the sidelines while stocks have continued to climb, climb climb. And so it goes….

      A neat little lesson for those following as…..we all pick our shots. Most importantly is to have a plan…and win more times than you lose. To be completely honest – I’ve been so busy with other things, the summer being what it is….I trade when I trade. Pain and simple.

      Hope you’ve been enjoying the rip higher there man! Congrats!

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