Cryptos Bottom Today – Buy Tron and Bitcoin

I’m going to give you something valuable here today  – considering how rarely I post these days.

The infrequency of posts here at Kong can “always be correlated” to the “amount of money I’m making”.

Let me explain……

Understanding Cycles

Everything is cyclical. Everything. You live you die… reshape/transform – then giver another go. Humans are cyclical thusly……markets are cyclical. Ah yes… the markets……what better way to watch human beings in “real-time” making the simple decisions of the day. Buy….I sell….I hold…..all there, each and every day in the form of a simple candle stick stock chart. Data. Humans making decisions.


The Cryptocurrency markets are currently working on a 52 day cycle. Today / tomorrow will represent the current “bottom” of the previous cycle…and the “beginning” of a new daily cycle.

52 days.

Here’s a weekly chart ( NOTE! We did not break the low of early April )

BTC Weekly

BTC Weekly


Now zoom into the daily chart and start counting since the previous low:

BTC Daily

BTC Daily

I’ve got about 32 days UP……then a full 20 er so days DOWN. But still….A HIGHER LOW!

So……if you’re smart – you buy today……and if you fancy yourself a “trader” well…….you start looking to book profits approx 30 trading days from now.

Me? I’m so deep into crypto / in the money – I may very well be one of those that never sells…short of needing a lil’ cash for beers and the odd fishing trip. All good here.



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