Bitcoin IS The New Gold – Next Stop 10k = EASY

The bottoming at / around 6400.0 USD ( give or take like 500 bucks in either direction ) confirms it.

Flat out…..Kong laying it out there? I don’t imagine we’ll EVER see this level / price again “pending” one more retest / rinse ( it might only take half a second ) then……..BAM.

10k USD next stop.

Kong says buy BTC

Kong says buy BTC

Then……once the “big round number” passes……I don’t imagine the need to “ever” re test where buyers can be found. Today’s action unto itself suggesting that this thing is bullet proof / buyers galore at these levels. These levels being “cheap as shit” if you wrap your head around what we are witnessing.

Game changing technology. Financial systems on their ear. Power to the people and all that jazz….yes..oh yes – this is happening. It’s happening right now.

The wash out is complete.

The early adopters have had their dreams realized. The early “speculators” have taken their profits and are headed my way. Now……Wall St. has been given their opportunity to “hit the reset button” and get their money into the crypto game. Now complete.

It’s simple.

Buy like a mofo and ignore the day to day volatility “long enough” to get into profit – but don’t wait too long.

7800.00 suuuuuure beats 10,500 USD entry.

If you don’t have 7800.00 bucks ( why are you reading here? ) no no…….check the symbol “GBTC” and compare the charts. You can essentially own / trade Bitcoin for as little as 15 – 17 bucks a share so…..get at it!










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  1. D Braun July 27, 2018 / 1:43 pm

    I have read that Amazon may enter the crypto world with a currency of their own. Do you think there may be any truth to this? And, if so, how might it impact the other cryptos, in your opinion?

  2. D Braun July 27, 2018 / 8:03 pm

    Tried to post earlier, but apparently it didn’t “take.” Anyway, I read that Amazon might launch their own crypto-currency. Have you heard anything about this? And, if it’s true, how might it affect the other cryptos?

    • Forex Kong August 14, 2018 / 8:05 am

      This will have little / no affect on the broader crypto market D as……many retailers are starting to step up and bring crypto to the mainstream. If anything…this will be GOOD for BTC and other Alt Coins in bringing more attention to the masses.

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