Crypto Kong – Steps Out Of The Jungle

So I’ve finally stepped out of the jungle ( all be it concrete these past few years ) and made my way back to the beach, and it feels great. Life as it should be with birds chirping, ants crawling and the renewed sense that…. all will be O.K. It’s been quite some time since I’ve bothered to post, as Covid ran it’s course and the wonderful world of crypto currencies finally hit it’s stride.

I may be a little rusty = forgive me in advance.

As you may recall back some 4 years ago – I may have suggested it a good idea to grab yourself a bitcoin or two, and that we would “never” see these levels again. Well….here we are. I haven’t sold a single thing.

So what would you say if I suggested that “once again” we find ourselves at a time and place where Bitcoin and the “entire crypto currency sector” will defy the odds, quiet the “nay sayers” and double / triple / 5X over the next coming years? Lemme guess…’s a scam right?

When entire countries are now moving to accept crypto as legal tender, when every second advert on CNBC / Bloomberg is for another crypto card / ETF / fund, when public traded companies such as Coinbase trade on the New York Stock Exchange what? It’s a scam right?


Maybe you live in a tent, behind a shed, behind your grandparents trailer.

Aside from the current adoption rate of crypto currency “dramatically eclipsing” that of the internet ( you remember when there WAS NO INTERNET? ) the timing / entry here comes along side the absolute MAX PAIN we are currently seeing in my ol friend…you guessed it – The U.S Dollar, now at unsustainable levels and banging it’s head on 103.50.

When USD rolls over here in coming days – you are gonna see something incredible, and I will “once again” be here to give you shit about not taking advantage.

Don’t make the same mistake twice….I implore you. Your grand kids will thank you – of that you can be certain.

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  1. Jed Denny May 2, 2022 / 8:41 am

    Where do you get that GM has risen 80% this year. Are you taking on to much of the Tilray shit? Green Mountain man. This has fallen 350% in less than a year. Who is paying whom here?

    • Forex Kong May 2, 2022 / 10:04 am

      You’ll have to quickly check the dates on the post Jed…..I got into GMTN back when it was .25 cents.

  2. Carol Emery May 3, 2022 / 11:08 am

    Welcome back Kong, we’ve missed you and your wise, wise advice. Invested in Crypto after you first mentioned it and are ever, ever so grateful.

    • Forex Kong May 3, 2022 / 11:24 am

      He he he…..that’s what I’m talking about!

      Extreme confidence here as we get through this grind / Russia / rate hikes etc…

      For those of us that where early = sunshine ‘ rainbows ahead, and for those just getting started / learning / gaining confidence – how about Fidelity now offering bitcoin in employees 401k retirement funds! They estimate up to 800 BILLION in purchases coming soon.

      This only the “first” of literally hundreds of large scale institutional buyers now seeing the light. And with only 21 million BTC EVER in circulation – what does common sense tell us? Good lord…….in a few years time people will be falling over themselves to aquire. And what does this mean for price if when supply / demand does what it does?

      UP UP UP!

      Fantastic work! Fantastic!

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