Stock Cycle Low – Hang On Another Day

Stocks have almost completed their  “intermediate cycle low” so you “holders of paper” only need to wait another day er two / catch your breath / don’t freak out.

You have grown “so complacent here” that these “few down days” have you on pins and needles, debating whether you should simply just “sell” before you’re left with nothing.

You sell on green candles traders ( some days ago? )…… and you buy on red.

None the less…..we are still very much so in a right translated / daily uptrend in stocks – with this cycle extending to like…..38-40 days? Wow….a long one….but now near completion.

Dow Nears Support

Dow Nears Support

This is still a very strong uptrend – with an “intermediate cycle decline” now near complete. The test of support area ( as seen by the black line ) looking good.

I can only assume the next leg higher starts like……tomorrow.


Bitcoin slowly moving up from the proposed low at 6400.00

Gold = flat ( who really cares right? )

USD – Crater on deck – as suggested.


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  1. Sebastian Cavlov October 14, 2018 / 8:02 pm

    Hey mate love your insights should be a cracker rest of month for trading!

    Ps. Would you be keen on maybe doing a guest blog on my own trading blog?
    Let’s connect

    • Forex Kong October 15, 2018 / 11:00 am

      Drop me a line. I have stepped out on a few occasions…..generally keep things pretty close to home here but hey…sure.

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