Don’t Be A Fish – You Might Just Get Snagged

I guess to a certain degree – we all think we know a lot.

Years of staring at charts and indicators. Countless hours pouring over numbers and equations culminating in the idea that…we’ve got this all figured out. And that’s all well and good until of course, we stumble across something that we “don’t know”.

Don’t Be A Fish – You Might Just Get Snagged

Something so outside our current level of understanding, something so outlandish / incredible that we just can’t wrap our heads around it. So in turn, we simply dismiss it and revert back to the safety of those things we feel we “do know”.

Personally, I find wonderment in the things I don’t know. It’s this “not knowing” that keeps me digging, keeps me pushing, keeps me alive. It’s what keeps me humble.

As we get older I think it gets easier and easier to to simply say “hey I know what I know…and that’s enough, don’t go changing it all up on me – I’m good” – but there’s a danger here.

Today’s world of technology is moving at an exponential rate, meaning things don’t just get faster, smarter, taller, smaller bit by bit. They move by 10s, then 100’s, 10,0000, then 100,000,000 so if you don’t jump onboard at some point early enough…’re gonna miss it.

Our current financial system is on the brink of “colossal change”, with digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the charge. Embrace the things you don’t know or understand. Learn more. Push harder.

Do you think fish have any possible concept of biological beings thousands of times larger then themselves, breathing air, walking on land – armed with apparatus designed to “snatch them from their world” floating only inches above their heads? Yet here we are.

Don’t be a fish.

You just might get snagged.

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  1. Dave Emery May 4, 2022 / 1:46 pm

    Kong,your incite is unbelievable and your analogy to fish is spot on. Keep everybody thinking.As I always say…too soon old, too late smart.

    • Forex Kong May 4, 2022 / 3:44 pm

      Thanks Dave….looks like this turn / shift in markets did indeed come “as expected”.

      It’s nice to get one right once in a while for sure, as it soothes a bit o the pain for the ones we get wrong.

      I’m not 100% the fish metaphor was on the mark, as I’m just getting back into the swing of things here but – much appreciated!

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